American women are prohibited (16 photos)

Let's take a look at the harsh laws.
We have good live, I want to tell you.

American women were more fortunate. Their right to wear underwear unchallenged. But in Ohio, a woman may not wear patent-leather shoes. The reason for the ill-fated underwear, and suddenly it is reflected in the smooth surface of the shoe?


In the late 80s of the last century, "legislators" from the city of Mobile, Alabama issued a ban on women wearing shoes with heels. I do not think that residents of the city scrupulously comply with the requirements of the municipality. The purpose of the ban - protection from the encroachments of the local budget. The reason was the incident: a woman got a pin into the lattice spillway, hurt his leg and sued the local authorities a certain amount.

View some restrictions in force in some states, a real way discriminate against women and put them in a dependent position of the opposite sex. Where only look human rights activists!

For example, a woman in Vermont, before inserting the teeth, is obliged to ask the permission of her husband. And do not just ask, get it in writing.


In Kentucky, a spouse must be consistent even such a trifle as the style hats


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