The most absurd laws of the land

Portal Divine Carolin voted for choosing the most absurd laws in the world. The results are below:

 - Despite the fact that a minor may not purchase cigarettes, alcohol or condoms, according to the law, they can use them and their upotreblint.
 - It is forbidden to appear on the street in black clothes, shoes made of felt and a black shoe polish on his face, as it supplies cat burglar.
 - Do not dress up in a Batman costume.

 - Do not die on the premises of the Parliament.
 - Head found dead whale on the coast belongs to the King, the tail - the queen.

 - Littering the environment is considered a serious crime that relies fine of a few thousand dollars, public works waste collection, consulting a psychologist ... In addition, the offending photograph shows the local news.
 - Do not carry a Bible or talk about Jesus.

 - Impotence is grounds for divorce in 24 states.
 - In Illinois are prohibited to speak English, you can only do this in the US.
 - In Ohio, women are still prohibited to strip naked in front of the image of man.
 - In Indiana in the 1950s of the last century were forbidden any mention of Robin Hood as taking away money from the rich, followed by distribution of the poor was considered a manifestation of the communist ideology.
-In Oklahoma prohibits kissing his wife on Sunday.
-In Tennessee - Do not wear patent leather shoes for women, as it can affect underwear.
-In New Mexico cats is prohibited at night for a walk on the roads, if they have no rear signal lights.

 - Penalty for chewing gum on the sidewalk is $ 600.
 - Do not leave the house without underwear.
 - During the execution of the royal anthem in the cinema all visitors have to get up on his feet.

 - The country has banned Donald duck, because it appears without pants.

 - The country can not be called a pig Napoleon.
 - In the period from 8 am to 8 pm 70% of broadcast music must belong to the French composer.
 - The sale of dolls, which a person is not a human.


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