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42-year-old Briton, for several weeks, visual discomfort, decided to go to a specialty store to buy glasses. A woman believed to be suffering from the syndrome of tired eyes, but the diagnosis of doctors sounded like a death sentence: cancer of the eye. A resident of the English city of Todmorden (Todmorden) Joanne Hill (Joanne Hill), worked as an engineer, I noticed that during the last few weeks of her visual capacity has decreased, and in his eyes there was a burning sensation. 42-year-old woman thought that at her age it is time to get points and for this purpose went to the optician. However, an eye doctor, to which Joan asked for the recipe, remarked on her eyeball strange shade and sent the patient to the hospital for further tests. b8d2aea9e9.jpg

Ophthalmologists sent pictures melanoma doctors from Liverpool Hospital, which is a branch of ocular oncology, and received a disappointing response. "In a letter to the Liverpool professionals it indicated that the tumor was malignant, and the operation should be carried out in the near future. I was shocked, because I did not feel any suspicious symptoms - I just got tired eyes! Besides, I led a healthy lifestyle, several times a week in sports and every day went to work by bike, "- says Hill journalist tabloid Daily Mail. Fortunately, the surgery was a success - doctors removed a malignant tumor, and five days later, Joan was discharged from the hospital. "I will now have to pass an annual inspection, but it is a small fee for getting rid of the cancer. I want to appeal to all people - take care of your eyes and take care of them ", - concludes the woman.



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