Betty Brosmer

Betty Brosmer are known and the first American beauty ideal model late 40s and 50s. Photo girl decorates the cover of famous magazines and saw a man came to her waist puppy dog ​​enthusiasm. Modeling career began when she was barely 13 years old!
It "started" in 13 (!) Years, won over 50 beauty contests. Adorned the covers of more than 300, more than a hundred calendars, billboards across the country, was the highest paid model. The predecessor of stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.

Parameters: 38-18-36 (inches) in inches: 96 45 91 bears the title "The most gorgeous body 50s" that neudivitelno- size 48 chest at the waist 45 cm (21 inches Some istochnikah- = 53.34 cm), the figure is just phenomenal!


In the late '40s came the magazine «Sears & Roebuck»
Then the office of advertising agency «Conover», where she worked for 13-year-old (!) Betty began to fall an incredible number of orders for brochures, posters, covers and packaging of food products, with one condition - the whole was present image of the young beauty. One only magazines with her pictures, there are currently more than 150!

Once Betty was 16 years old, the most prestigious titles that can get beauty 50s, became a magnet attracted to the California model, "Miss TV", "Miss Jones Beach", "Miss Figure" and "Miss blue eyes."

It was the first model, which had the rights to all of her photos, receive interest every time her picture was published.

Marilyn Monroe became a commercial phenomenon after 1955. Since 1948, and for all the 50 standard of female beauty was Betty. This she performed in the title role in the development of pin-up, creating an image of a playful girly. Its long-term success of spectators prepared to start the star Marilyn Monroe.

24 April 1961 26-year-old Betty married a famous bodybuilder and bodybuilder, co-founder of the International Association of bodybuilding competitions creator Mr. and Ms. Olympia, Joe Weider and takes her husband's name.


Many of the American supermodels relieved. From fashion business I went not knowing Betty Brosmer competition and not on the rest, and with all his soul to surrender to the promotion of sports theory of Joe Weider. From now on, it becomes work clothes sporting a bikini.

Her legendary narrow waist attracted the eyes of readers of her husband. Then it was just two magazines: Muscle Builder Power and Mr. America (today dozens of publications around the globe).

Easily recognizable beautiful face became a symbol for sports, the brothers held Vader. It is difficult to judge how the event has affected the development of bodybuilding on a global scale, but that Betty was the generator of ideas of sports - no doubt. With its appearance in the life of Joe Weider related promotion of women's bodybuilding and fitness, of course, the first model of "Trainer of Champions" was his wife.

Write what she suggested to her husband to look at the Austrian champion - Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thanks to "The Terminator" was settled in the neighboring cottage Vader dom.Eto she pushes it on the movie screen. That Betty has developed his talent to the business: in the 70s, they were actively engaged in the joint efforts of the real estate business. Huge sale Power Exerciser caused by the fact that a couple of new goods advertised "Arnold Schwarzenegger - Betty Vader."


Joe Weider died last year, while Betty was alive and perfectly vyglyadit.Gody passed her. She remained a star, buried in the arms of the most muscular men of the planet.


Currently Betty produces a sports magazine for women «Shape» and leads to the famous column "Power and Beauty," as well as a member of the Olympic Committee of physical perfection.


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