The most famous ghosts of people

10. Amy Eguchi

This sweet girl named Amy Eguchi. She recently became a member of the Japanese pop group AKB48. But do not fall for her deception. She shook her fans terrible secret of its appearance - is Amy exists only in a computer. Its developers have taken a little of each member of the group AKB48 and the resulting image is stamped on the virtual layout of girls. Come up with the story of her life was even simpler. The girl is 16 years old, she was born in the city of Saitama near Tokyo, participated in athletics, and her first photo shoot organized by the magazine Playboy. Total 150 GB of memory - and here it is, the world, to which humanity aspires. People and machines, the real and the virtual world will face on another level, people will blend seamlessly with the world of digital technology and digital oblachatsya characters into flesh and blood. It should only take a hefty chunk out of your computer's memory - 150GB. Although it's nearly 19 HD-movies!

9. George Bourdelle

In 1927 selection committee Georgia Institute of Technology made a mistake and accidentally sent entrant Ed Smith two registration forms instead of one. Young man jokingly filled second form on his own fictional student George Bourdelle. The Institute Ed wrote "George" for all the courses for which he went, and even made him all the housework, signing her name on his fictional hero. As a result, "George" has successfully graduated. When other students found cheating, they are not only not given Ed, but also helped him in every way. Extract from the summary «George»:

"On account of George Bourdelle 12 combat missions over Europe during the second World Voynu.S 1969 to 1981 he was on the board of the journal" Murzilka. " In 2001 at the age of 90 years he has been nominated for the award "Person of the Year", but lost, receiving 57% of the vote. »

Of course, the leadership of the institute still has found a substitute and now considers it the best joke in the history of the university. By the way, you can get acquainted with the "George" for yourself - on his Facebook page has more than 4,000 friends.

8. David Manning

When Rob Schneider comedy "Animal" only were released, it became clear that nothing good about this movie not write. Indeed, the reviews were so bad that the Department of Marketing sponsoring this film invented by Sony's own film critic. "Animal" - is just one of many films are praised in reviews Manning. He also supported the movie "Invisible," "Vertical Limit" and "The Patriot." When Omar Rezek and Ann Belknap, film fans from California, read the reviews in the newspapers, they decided to apply for a corporation to court. This class action was made on behalf of all film enthusiasts, who on the advice of Manning went to the cinema for a particular movie. At Sony, of course, did not bring the matter before the court in person and reimburse the expense of all victims of fake movie critic. Perhaps the film company still enjoy this trick? After all, there is always someone who will write a good review. You never know ...

7. Aunt Jemima

The history of this trademark is currently owned by Kuaker Oates in Chicago dating back to 1893, and was first recorded in 1937. The image was taken from popular at the time, "Shaw Minstrels", as one of the stereotypical African-American characters. After a bit of transfiguration this character has become the brand of "Aunt Jemima" representing the commercial interests of a solid company. In January 1964 "Aunt Jemima" has received the keys to the city of Albion Michigan. The actress appeared in the picture, many times come to Albion to collect donations. Shortly thereafter, in 1966 Kuaker Oates began to produce syrup, Aunt Jemima, then a low-calorie syrup Aunt Jemima in 1985 and concentrated syrup Aunt Jemima in 1991. It has become a trademark for decades. Every American sees her every morning on the shelves of local shops. Her unforgettable smile and kind eyes are ideal if you want to sell something!

6. Allegra Coleman

Allegra Coleman - a fictional movie star, invented by writer Martha Sherrill for comic articles. As illustrations of these articles, published in Esquire magazine in November 1996, were selected photographs of the model and actress Ali Larter. The article says about the upcoming Woody Allen film involving Allegra Coleman, her stormy relationship with David Schwimmer (including nude photos scandal, allegedly made by the paparazzi), and the friendship with Deepak Chopra. Soon editor Edward Kosner revealed fraud in the press release of the latest news. Sherrill later wrote a satirical novel about the life of Hollywood stars, which revealed the identity of her heroine Allegra Coleman in full. The novel "My last movie star," published by Random House in 2003. This happy coincidence has placed Ali Larter on the pages of novels, he has served as a good impetus to her career. She participated in the TV show, starred in various films ("Legally Blonde," "Final Destination"), she also got the role of Niki Sanders in the TV series "Heroes NBC». Even after it became clear that Ali had nothing to do with Allegra Coleman, a proposal to star in a movie still rained down on her constantly. In fact, she became an actress playing an actress.

5. Jack Dawson

We are all familiar with Jack Dawson in the film "Titanic," but whether it exists in reality? There was no evidence that such a person was in that fateful night on the ship, though perhaps he secretly crossed the border and came to the Titanic. Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson invented and created by director James Cameron.

In fact, John was a man. Dawson, who died aboard the Titanic, but Cameron did not know about its existence when he wrote the script. Jack's character has nothing to do with the personality of John. Dawson. On the headstone of a man carved George. Dawson, and no one knows that it is "George." Means. Perhaps Joseph, maybe James, but who knows? And what's true, "Jack Dawson» ...

4. Gorillaz

Gorillaz - is a musical project created in 1998 by Damon Albarn British musician and cartoonist Jamie Hewlett (by the way, the creator of the famous comic book "Girl on a tank"). The project is a direct band's music and a huge fictional universe with a virtual band, drawn in comic style. The Group is composed of four animated members: 2D (vocals, keyboard), Murdoc Nichols (bass guitar), Noodle (guitar, keyboards, and sometimes vocals) and Russel Hobbs (drums). The special holographic projection technology has allowed the group to translate in 3D - because they were "alive" at the presentation of the Grammy Awards in 2006. Even more surprising, the same technology was created 3D-model of the Madonna, which is on the same stage sang her hit Hung Up. Neither the audience in the hall, or viewers, at least the first few minutes did not have a clue about what to them "not real Madonna." Award MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon reiterated the success of Grammy and also performed with guest virtual superstars. Yes, you understood correctly - Madonna was as virtual as its cartoon counterpart. Although Gorillaz do not exist in the real world, it's really a real band!

3. Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid is. What vokaloid, you ask? This is software that allows you to simulate singing based on the text and melody. During the singing voice synthesis technology is used actors and singers. The word "Vocaloid" comes from two words: "vocals", ie the voice while singing or talking, and "android" to denote the computer side of the project. To create a song, the user must enter the melody and lyrics. Hatsune Miku - not a person but a computer, but to be honest, I'm a big fan of it! Mick - is not the only one of its kind, but the best. As in the real world it does not exist, all the concerts it gives in the form of holography. 16 projectors that are directed to a single point behind the screen, synchronized, and create a 3D effect that can be seen without special glasses. The first recordings were released Hatsune in Japan in 2007, the company Krypton. Sales were so high that Crypton could not react to it. For the first 12 days of sales it was made 3000 orders. Recent reports have shown that only sold 60,000 copies + copies of the software - at that time, as regular sale of this type of program does not extend beyond 1000.

2. Betty Crocker

Washburn Crosby Company of Minneapolis, one of the six major companies, incorporated in 1928 in the group General Mills in the late 1910's - early 1920's received thousands of letters with the answers to questions about baking. In 1921, the company's managers wanted to make a more personal response letters. To this end, they have combined surname of the retired executive director, William Crocker, and the name "Betty" as the most kind and gentle. It was also decided to attribute that Betty Crocker - a secretary, who won a contest among employees of the company. (This signature is still emblazoned on all the company's products.) Finally, in 1936, Betty Crocker has found his face. Artist Neisse MacMaine gathered in the office of all staff members and "mixed them into a single image." But there are rumors, and it's quite a widespread belief that Betty Crocker was a real woman. The results of a public opinion surveys have shown that Americans consider it the second most famous woman in America after Eleanor Roosevelt. Over the next seventy-five years of her face changed 7 times: she became younger in 1955, a business in 1980, and in 1996 became "multicultural", acquiring a dark skin and "ethnic" appearance.


Uncle Sam

If you live in America or any other country in the world, I am 100% sure that you have seen at least one portrait of Uncle Sam. If you are not familiar with it, know that he is the personification of the US government and its citizens. In the pictures he is depicted as a tall, thin, bearded man dressed in red, white and blue suit. Where did he come from? The poster, painted by American artist DM Flagg in 1917 was based on the original poster with the British Lord Kitchener, painted three years earlier. It was used as the soldiers call for the First and Second World Wars. In his poster of Uncle Sam Flagg narisovl differently, adding to it a gesture of veteran Walter Botts. In the face there is a certain resemblance to Samuel Wilson. During the War of 1812 in New York meat packer Samuel Wilson caters for the US Army. The packaging has been written US, which stands for United States (United States), but the soldiers deciphered an inscription in his own - Uncle Sam (Uncle Sam). Local newspapers have spread very quickly the story, and soon the "Uncle Sam" has become synonymous with the federal government. Yes, it was a collective image, and his features were copied from certain people, but he never existed. The poster became a symbol for the United States, especially in times of war and conflict.



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