About the fair remuneration of labor

Once upon a time I shipped the manure. We had to shovel it out of barns, and then throw in a tractor trailer. Scraped usually other, and I threw. This is a very pizdetsovy activity. Manure when it is going to a big pile, turns into a chemical weapons. The smell literally knocked down. "Do not breathe through the nose" is useless, everything is fine and felt his throat. And eyes. Natural attack at Ypres.

I also worked on the silkscreen. Six days a week tightly communicated with allergenic dyes and solvents. Skin has come off like Hiroshima girls. From exciting variety of activities and awareness of life prospects colleagues drank up half trumpery earnings - I could easily appreciate it, because they started right after the end of the working day.

And now I'm sitting in the office and get many times more than it was then. That is, I then - is underpaid dregs of society, and I present - a respected specialist and middle class. But is it at the same time I did not stay all the time the same person? If everyone realized that he was in the office and in the barn one and the same person, the world would be a much more humane.

PS. No, transfer money nobody will.
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