Language of Animals

We seldom think of the seemingly incoherent sounds that emit animals, but many of them talk to each other on a much more advanced level than we assume. Although we do not have in mind that the muskrat can speak in Russian, and the frogs - to quote Shakespeare, some features of animal communication between them may surprise you. Cats do not meow at each other. For intraspecific communication they use sign language or hissing, but for their owners, and they can say "meow." They pronounce this sound to greet us, to draw attention to themselves, to beg food (which is why kittens meow at her mother, is the only exception to the rule), or to show that they want something, for example, go for a walk.

Who is the most intelligent animals in the world? Dolphin? Primacy? And maybe a gopher? Yes, this a foolish rodent species that suddenly appears out of the ground and just as quickly disappear. Recently, researchers have been able to decode their language and they found out that perhaps this is the most difficult language from all the languages ​​of animals. Gophers can describe predators with remarkable precision, describing the type, size and structure. They can even tell what color of clothing per person. One peep, which lasts no more than a split second, they can convey a wealth of information.

Probably, it is difficult to communicate, if you wood insect, hanging around the tree tunnels. Insect called "grinder" uses a system of communication, similar to Morse code. He hits his head, which gives rise to an echo which hear other grinders. It is thanks to this kind of communication, and they got their name: they often fill the tree in England, you can hear the sound of the night

For us it is clear that each person has his own unique voice, but many believe that the voices of the animals are very similar. Biologist Andrea Turkana discovered that elephants are also different voices. After studying the herd of elephants in the Congo for 19 years, Turkana could find any elephant's voice. Turkana worked hard to decipher the sounds and make them "elephant" dictionary in which words are likely to be with a lot of vowels.

No wonder that his mother tells a child who is in her stomach, but perhaps many women scared would be if their unborn offspring of a sudden is answered. Do not kuritsu- for them is common. About a day before the birth of the chicks can hear them squeak in the egg. Mother hen can cluck in response to reassure anxious chicken.

Many people can not stand when others start to drool. It turns out that baboons feel about the same. Within 6 weeks, tests were carried out with the participation of 6 baboons: on the computer screen they showed a few words- existing and invented, and asked to determine which word has a meaning, and some do not. To complicate the task, the monkeys showed not randomly set of letters and words are very similar to existing ones - for example, "gorvorit." They have successfully coped with the task, accounting for about 75% of the made-up word for the experiment.

Frog from South Asia, Huia cavitympanum, can communicate using ultrasonic frequencies that the human ear can not distinguish. These animals can hear and reproduce sounds up to 38 kHz, 18 kHz more than a person can discern. Scientists believe that the frogs are used as high frequency, maybe they live in areas where noisy waterfalls and sounds of a lower frequency is simply impossible to discern. Or maybe they do not want people to hear them discuss them.

Research group of dolphins have shown that it is possible they are able to study "foreign" language. Dolphins in dolphinarium in France allowed to listen to the sounds of whales during their performances. They never tried to imitate what he heard while in a state of wakefulness, but with amazing similarities to play sounds in his sleep.

There were many cases that argued that parrots can not just mindlessly repeat heard the sound, but also to teach speech and hold a conversation. African parrot named Alex became famous for his ability to distinguish colors. He could even make fun of his coach. Other parrots were known Prudl who knew about 800 words, and N`kisi who knew 950 different words and also as Alex could joke.

Some fish use fins to communicate with relatives during the hunt. They point where you want the hit production, then, when production falls into the "trap", they turn to her and represent a sort of dance to mark its presence also fish using this method as a call to action, as if to say, "Hey, guys, come time to hunt. "

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