Moscow Metro

In this post you will have to wait a heartbreaking story of a guy who was forced to ride on the gray branch of the Moscow Metro at the beginning of the ninth in the morning.
Whether all the Tajiks of the world today, decided to go on the gray branch. Or simply the number of people in Moscow still reached a critical mass, but today I really ofigel indefinitely.

Came train. I think to hell with it, wait for the next.

But it was not so easy. Trains were at intervals of a minute and a half, how would, in principle fine, but zagvozdochka - so many people that the engine comes and the doors do not open in the car for a thrash the doors jammed on deaf. Then another five minutes the door can not be closed. You can, of course, run and fly the entire carcass to someone in the back and get into the car, but I can not do Choate. Okay, we stand waiting on. Half an hour passed, no one could not get into the train.

It took forty minutes. FORTY MINUTES!!! Nothing changed.

Shocked people started to go in the opposite direction, back to a couple of stations, hoping to climb there. Many stupidly moved away from the edge of the platform and wait for the flow of resolve.

Trains come and still can not open the door.

An hour passed. I have nowhere to hurry.

Total - twenty hours I waited, when the train will come, in which you can enter not run and is not tamping under him someone. I'm not saying how much pleasant in the car, it is not important. The main thing to get into it at all. Most interesting is that there is no alternative. There, on top of all traffic jams. Here at the bottom of all in hell. Simply there is no movement. This city end yaschetayu. That is how come the normal human desire: to kill, dismember, to desire the death of his neighbor. That is born of hope that a nuclear war would be the same and a little podrihtuet number of human carcasses.



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