Two movie studios (39 photos)

In the vicinity of the town of Tukums, right in the open field is "Latvian Hollywood" - so proudly call it local. This is actually a permanent scenery Riga Film Studio, open to the public. Cardboard town is much larger than the "Vyborg near Moscow."

In fact, everything prosaic. What you saw in a movie about aliens actually removed in the world. In Poland, on the highway A4 between Katowice and Krakow has a very strange building, which has nothing to do with the architecture of this planet. On the Internet and walk kopipasta census pictures about "alien office Polish radio station." In fact - this studio.

At this studio we looked with Captiva. And all pass by, turning their necks from an unusual picture. Meanwhile, the leadership of the studio is very friendly and did not mind guests.

The radio station there actually was once located, so long moved out. Living here today is the largest and most modern studio in Poland - Alvernia Studios. The complex of buildings as make films (there are several huge pavilions) and make special effects, mount, recorded soundtracks - in short, all the stages of film production under one roof. Unfortunately, it looks like this is not as spectacular as it was then on the screen, and I arrived at the studio in the early morning. So let's walk through the rooms, they are worth.

At the entrance meets the monster from some famous movie about inoplenetyan. But I can not remember where he was.

The whole complex is a dozen balls of different sizes, connected by a glass transition.

All this we are also seen in the film? No, not shot these pictures here, buildings for ten years on the force. And it's just the interior, the films themselves Poles remove not only about aliens.

Above each door - a symbol of the Elvish alphabet.

And access - fingerprint.

One of the pavilions for the filming. You can mount any decorations, even huge. Such a ball in a complex two exactly alike. The area of ​​each - two thousand square meters, with a ceiling height of 16 meters.

It is not a prison, as one might think at first. A dressing room for artists, utility room for inventory and wardrobe room. Now they are empty, as in this momeent no movie being filmed.

The second dome.

Makeup room.

If you look closely - all the materials used to make the "alien" object - it is the earth. But still looks fantastic, the second such places on the planet do not have.

This remote control lighting.

Recording studio. Here you can write sauntreki, but at the same time and the whole music albums. Enumerate "write" here meaning the musicians do not see, almost all of them Poles and such, you do not know. But the movie, which was attached "alien hand" Alvernia: Polish Sibiriada (2013) Highway Patrol (2013) A giant mechanical man (2012) Naughty Passion (2012) Land of Oblivion (2011) - by the way, about Chernobyl. Vampire (2011)

In fact, everything here and there. Reduction of just one movie.

Big screen. To everything, as in a movie theater. Only seats are quite different, and holes for popcorn in them is not provided.

At that time, as we build buildings other planets and shoot a film about aliens, they too are not far behind us and build a film studio in the style quite earthly.

But as civilization is different, the aliens are not always clear designation of certain human things.

This town of the Russian empire. Commercials of the late 19th - early 20th century. But the size of pencils humanoids overdone :)

Okay, okay. This is the "Baltic Hollywood" near Riga. From a distance, it looks very natural.

But do not forget that cinema is one big hoax, and almost always, instead of whiskey in a glass of unsweetened tea instead of the house - Nuf Nufa cardboard, and instead of an apartment - a freight container.

The most difficult thing in the film actor, I think, to believe in the reality of what is happening, at least for the time that it is removed. After all, dressed in an old overcoat, under which jeans or wearing a beautiful dress on top of strings, it is still of authenticity will not. How reincarnated when everything around papier-mache?

If my audience includes actors, both professionals and amateurs - share your experience, tell a few secrets.

Old-old bridge, which is a couple of years.

Paper armor. In the film, the Germans still lost, so splurge? Yes, unlike the Polish studio, I can not think of movies that were filmed in these interiors. But who is looking for - he finds?

Heart rejoices when you see something real in this kinogorodke. Doubly so happy if Defender!

The second time I meet in the Baltic Ikarush such as a museum exhibit. You surely have noticed, but we are still on the road and ride, and more people are transported.

Strange installation under the bridge.

From this place in LJ have enough stories, but in the last year Sinevilly area expanded by almost half, new buildings and facilities. That's the one for whom built the rails. So, on the move? Too real.

Some buildings look so natural that we want to believe. In fact, all the same - flat scenery.

This here is the subway.

Recently, there were filming some children's cartoon or movie about mice. Many of them, a whole brood. Rodents somehow Spanish name names.

They go for some reason on pink-blue UAZ.

And calls for such a phone. Who live in Latvia - what I mean?


Sinevilla can be an interesting place to visit if you live near or going to the Baltic states in his car. Go separately, of course, not worth it. But if along the way - you'll love.


The railway is, but kinogoroda nowhere to go. These wagons, rails, too, but these roads lead out of the impasse to a standstill.


More they have a real steam train, which was dragged here by crane. But he also does not go. And that's where the drive locomotives and in large numbers - I will tell you very soon.


But for this we need you to overcome to get to Lithuania and Poland.




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