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User forums one tried to understand the popular myth about the lack of food and things in the Soviet Union which are so fond of people to speculate, probably living in some other former Soviet Union or just students. Some "Svanidze-MLECHIN" have the arrogance and lack of conscience to say that just getting out through the Bank of condensed milk "obkomovsky distributor", and on the shelves you can see a birch sap and sea kale.

The oppressive hopelessness of black-and-white wretched existence "homo Sovieticus" compared to well-fed and confident in the future and the present and future success of the country's winning of democracy and capitalism. Exaggeration intended to show a huge gap between the two eras.

Only one "but."

These pugateli "scoop" to illustrate the consequences of a staff of democracy and "new thinking" of Gorbachev's "perestroika" of the late 1980s, during the indiscriminate deficit, which artificially staged "superintendents of perestroika". More recently, it was impossible to listen to "enemy voices", but you can eat, and now, with "publicity" can be freely discussed Sakharov's speech and read "The Gulag Archipelago", standing in line for sugar and vodka coupons.

Of course, such a range, which is now able to offer even the supermarkets "middling" in the pre-perestroika Soviet Union are extremely rare, only in the capital's central grocery stores in the holidays.

However, people in hungry fainted from empty shelves did not fall as in the besieged Leningrad.

For clarity bring real and not "staged-showy" product range in the average provincial or district center of the Soviet Union 1965 - 1985 years.

Someone will say, not a lot. But all of the products were of sufficient quality, and at least natural. The quality and aesthetics of the packaging is poor, but the people were undemanding to this aspect of the question of food. The main thing was - to bring home, and did not wake up to "bugs and mold" was not. But really tin cans with halva and Krasnodar tea and candies ... all bon appetit!



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