As we hit the "fairy tale".

Ian we hyperactive boy. This is not my idea to show off. This said, twitching slightly after a half-hour conversation with him, a neurologist, to which we have sent a child psychologist. And then he added that, well, that's okay. He himself had problems in childhood. Up to 8 years could not read. And nothing, became a professor.
Well, the professor say that by occupation is necessary. And this had a problem in the past. And we have because of our motor disinhibition were standing in the garden PIS-Pre-stroke situation. Not Ian, of course. Do educators and trainers. Because they are on their own experience to understand how a cute angelic child with ease can rip any event. Without ensemble.
And before final matinee us haltingly asked to Ian on this bright holiday was a mere spectator. For participation is completely unpredictable consequences. Fair Enough. Restaurant there-through type, ie garden blends in primary school. For such cases tolerate. Especially Jan participate personally in this all not very much and wanted. But Madame Methodist did not stop us and taken aback to learn that in this school we have no future. Say, we have suffered badly in the garden, terpelka ended. And we will continue to go through life apart. Because Ian, in their reasons, it is necessary to isolate and close to home schooling.
How Come? The child is not aggressive. Yes, he violated the sphere of attention is the neglect of certain social rules, but it is quite adequate and train. "Ah, - they say - it's all garbage. Scrub on the commission »
Abydno, huh?
Well, we went to our psychologist. Wonderful, by the way, a man and a specialist. The second woman whom Ian in this life admits. And then say - she did it helped a great deal. She sent us to the main city of psychology. The lady is serious and the authority. Took a call straight from her office in our long-suffering school. How? - Very naturally amazed there - nobody said nothing of the sort! We do not have understood. We will be very glad to see Ian in our midst »
Well, like everything. It would be possible to complete the epic. Went to the sea, sunbathing, rest, dispelled. Anyway, the summer - it zashib. But with the approach of the first of September I start to develop a permanent insomnia. Pictures drawn by different at night. How will Chmarov our son in this coveted school.
And I went to look for private schools. And like found. Nothing so pedsostav. Friendly. Courteous. One problem - only three people in the class. And the class itself originally formed - two girls and Third-Jan. Supposedly.
Grandmother - on the horn. "How and with whom he will be there to talk?" Too true. I also somehow was dumb. Well, that's a change. They got out of class. So what? But the alternative would be something like not? Or is there?
And on August 30, on Friday, we find ourselves in a "fairy tale". The last day of filing. Is a kind of presentation of the institution. Did so, makes an impression. Pool, karate school and a bunch of useful bells and whistles. Only it was too sweet to all greet each other. Clearly, many are already familiar with each other, maybe even happy to see each other, but from such a degree of friendliness somehow uncomfortable.
But Ian ecstatic. Prior to that, the response to the need to go to school was quite indifferent. It must be - well, I'll go. And here: "Yes I like it." Well, it's great. In general, it is an important factor because, agree.
By the way, fun fact - it turns out, this school (rather mazhoristuyu, by the way) is not so easy to be pushed. And we, so - looked at the light, and stayed.
Of course, all smiling, so that comes to mind Zhvanetskiy (when meeting the ultimate optimism. Once a person stands). But maybe just not used to, huh? In general, until the first week - normal flight. Everybody is happy. A former Sadiq school can relish show Finger. (Number and name do not tell, because the youngest - Marika still there kindergarten and kindergarten) In general, search and ye shall find.
I think more marked here. A report on the "fairy tale" or even about something.
P.S. Today, when Ian was taking the evening from high school, he was touched by me with a question: "Mom, why are you up so early? You can not even walk somewhere? ". Yes, the photo, as probably guess, Jan and dad.


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