Pasta with meatballs

Minced meat (beef + pork) - 300 gr.
2 chicken breast fillets - 150 gr.
3. Eggs - 2 pcs.
4. quail egg (optional)
5. Chicken soup set - 1 kg.
6. Boiled rice - 200 gr.
7. Flour - 400 gr.
8. Onions - 3 pcs.
9. Salt / pepper / spices / herbs.
10. ginger (to taste)

1) The first step is to prepare minced meatballs. Why take the chicken and observations on the state to mince.
2) Next, add to the pig-govzhemu stuffing wholemeal our minced chicken, boiled rice, a teaspoon of ground cumin, two teaspoons of paprika, finely shredded onion mixture of dry herbs, salt to taste, one egg. The whole thing thoroughly stirred, and after, put a couple of hours in the refrigerator
3) make the dough: fall asleep in a deep pot flour, one egg split there and approximately 150 grams of warm water. Knead, cover anything, and give to stand minutes 30.
4) until the dough is allowed to stand, put the prepared broth. When ready add the broth in a salt and pepper.
5) We get the stuffing their fridge and roll off of him balls-medium-sized lumps
6) Roll out the dough into a thin sheet, and, again, give it to dry minutes 15.
7) lay in our soup meatballs.
9) Finely shinkuem onion and fry it in a pan until golden ottenka.Dobavlyaem our broth
10) Bates fire under the broth to a minimum, and go to the main action - lapshe.Nashe rolled dough already dried up, turn it into a sausage, which, in turn, cut into pieces of the desired THICKNESSES (width noodles)
11) Once the noodles are ready, you can just fill it in boiling broth and cook until ready there.


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