Day in Photos, August 24, 2011

Mid week - Wednesday. Over an average day, and can not be. But not with us. The whole world is gay with bright events and incidents. What, in fact, we hasten to tell you.

The sun rises in Brandenburg, Germany.

An employee of the zoo in Budapest watered elephant. The air temperature in the capital of Hungary today has risen to 38 Celsius.

Two orphaned seals swim in the pool Rescue Centre in Fife, Scotland.

Pedestrians walk past stalls with fruit in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

Nomad girl carries empty containers of milk home, Jammu, India.

Mannequin in blue burkas on the streets of Damascus, Syria.

Woman chooses a garland in the shape of a lotus on the eve of a hungry ghost festival in Taipei, Taiwan.

Somali kid walks around the village for displaced persons in Sayidke Somalia.

Merchant lotus shoots with a headdress of lotus leaf to sell their goods on the streets in Srinagar, India. These sprouts are eaten raw. Price about $ 0.2 for the three.

A man swims in one of the many lakes in Beijing, China.

A boy plays in the dirt not far from the river Ravi, Lahore, Pakistan.

A visitor to the 7th international exhibition of railway technology in Shanghai is considering a project of high speed trains, which had been temporarily frozen due to the death of a person to determine the causes of a heart attack.

Marine Sri Lankan Air Force is preparing to start training at a military base in Ratmalane.

Supporters of Yulia Tymoshenko on Independence Day of Ukraine near the building of the presidential administration of the country have been waiting here are met.

The meeting, attended by about 5000 demonstrators were dispersed safely.

Supporter, starving the ninth day of the activist named Anna Hazar, washes his eyes in Delhi, on the background of the image of Mahatma Gandhi, India. Khazar thus protesting against the growth of corruption in high places.

In Santiago Chile, riots broke out in connection with the two-day strike, the requirements of which relate to the need for reforms in the social sphere as well as in the areas of health and education.

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama visited the school for the blind in Friedburg, Germany.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev today met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il on the territory of Buryat military town of Sosnovy Bor.

US Vice President Joe Biden either shows that he "there" is something still left, or hints about his suicidal tendencies during a visit to Japan. In any case, says - is done.

Japanese Yuko Nishida (in white kimono) against the Romanians in the semi Andrea Chita weight category up to 52 kg at the World Judo Championship in Paris, France. Japanese woman became the world champion.

Canadian Michael Tsikkarelli performing at competitions Snowboard Big Air at the Winter Games in Wanaka, New Zealand.

Tens of thousands of North Korea took part in the festival of dance and song "Arirang", which takes place in Pyongyang. The image of the national flag of the country.

Models demonstrate swimwear Fashion Festival in Sydney, Australia.

Taiwanese chef made from the shells of lobsters and necks motorcycle, Fuzhou, China.

A pair of German artists created an art installation of blue sheep in Kiel, Germany, as part of his tour of the country. Lambs are made of saturated polyester resins.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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