Illustrations by Georges Le Mersenera (Georges Le Mercenaire)

With the advent of the Internet, creative people do not bother too much about the fact that fans of their work can know nothing directly about the creator of these works. Before us is another example of such behavior.

It is known that Georges Le Mersener (Georges Le Mercenaire) - native French and permanent residence he is a small French town of Carcassonne. More about the identity illustrator known nothing. More can be said about the works themselves. George prefers to work in Photoshop, but it may not reduce the per gram of respect for such detailed pictures. The most original look of his work in the style of steampunk, but this is only a small part of the diversity of works by Georges. We offer you a small selection of the best, in our opinion, the work of French illustrator.

Photo by Flickr


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