Jelly cake "Oranges in yogurt"


gelatin 30g
bananas or canned pineapple
Ready biscuit
750 ml yogurt
orange juice 250 ml.
mint for decoration and any berries.


Pour gelatin orange juice and leave it to swell.
Oranges cut into slices and remove their skins.
Cubes cut bananas and biscuits.
When gelatin is swollen, put it on the fire until it is completely dissolved (but do not boil). Cool and add the yogurt.
Prepare a semicircular bowl and pave it with cling film, and then lay there cooked mugs oranges (on the walls), a small part of bananas and biscuits, orange circles, and so several layers, then pour all the yogurt and refrigerate.
When the jelly cake hardens, remove it from the mold and garnish with berries and mint.


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