Surreal art installation of sculptures by Henry Sean (Sean Henry)

British sculptor first took part in the exhibition with their works still about fifteen years ago. Only if it is made miniatures. Sean was born and lives in the capital of the UK all my life.

However, sated limited showrooms, Shawn Henry (Sean Henry) now prefers open-air exhibitions. And he in his own right. According to approximate data, his latest art installation "Stupidity (Other I)" in the open air, four months have seen at least a hundred thousand people. Such attendance boasts not every gallery. In addition, within the exhibition grounds, as a rule, do not have full access to the sculptures and open space around them. By placing art installations on the lawn or in the park, Sean sincerely hopes that everyone will want to get into the world of his imagination. It does not matter which way: sitting on the edge of the bed, face potorogav figures or just beating around.


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