The most creative art projects recently

In the world every day there are a great many variety of projects and installations that draw our attention by their originality, beauty and scale. Under the cut you are waiting for the best examples of the boundless imagination of artists from around the world. Nine-meter sculpture of a man

Africa Burn - an annual event that takes place in the desert Tankva Karoo in South Africa. One of the most impressive installations of this year - nine meter sculpture, which was created by the artist Daniel Popper. Boiler height of 3 floors equipped with LED backlight.

Air Network Janet Eshelman

Janet Eshelman - American artist who is known for being set on the streets of large suspended sculptures. The technique of creating his works she had learned from the Indian fisherman, expertly managed networks. Now the artist is working on a huge 300-meter installation in Vancouver.

The molten ceramic Libya Marin

Chilean artist Livia Marin decided to give a second life to a broken ceramic. Nomad Patterns - a series of 32 sculptures. Broken cups, mugs and other kitchen utensils like spreads over the surface of the table, while retaining elements of the painting.

Thousands of colorful satin ribbons

In the cathedral of the Episcopal Church of the United States Grace Cathedral there was an art installation created by artist Anne Patterson. More than a thousand bands descend from the arches of the cathedral, symbolizing faith, connecting the earth and the heavens. The installation of belts with a total length of 20 kilometers artist took 8 days.

The cube of light and shadow
The American designer has created Anil Yeah stunning in its beauty lamp SHADOW CUBE. The intricate pattern on the surface resembles Arabic script and the play of light and shadow turns an ordinary wooden cube in a real masterpiece.

Luxury stained glass windows in the botanical garden

Kosmovitral Botanical Garden in the Mexican city of Toluca is decorated with sumptuous stained glass. Author of the project - Leopoldo Flores, a local artist who in 1975 initiated the establishment of this architectural masterpiece. On the creation of stained glass has been spent 45 tons of blown glass and 25 tonnes of lead. Today the botanical garden rooms decorated with huge frescoes and mosaics that are collected from more than half a million multicolored fragments.

The great ship of cardboard

Preparing for Halloween last year, my friends Josh, Mike and Joel decided to celebrate in a big way and built a huge ship out of cardboard. Materials are collected from all around, just to create a treasured decoration.

The book can be read in six different ways

In Germany, we found a book that can be read in six different ways. Issue fixed with metal clamps, which are opened, you can read a particular publication. This type of binding called «dos-a-dos», from the French "back to back", and today hardly ever used.

Sculptures made of aluminum wire

Korean artist Song Mo Pak surprises its delightful sculptures are created from a tight wound in layers of aluminum wire. The work shown here belong to the Brooklyn series "The Man", in which the author recreates in detail the wrinkles, folds in clothing and muscles of the body.

Horse head greeting
seafarers in Scotland
The seven-year construction of two giant horse head tridtsatimetrovoy project Andy Scott in the Scottish town of Falkirk has entered its final stage. Composition "Kelpie", named after a mythical water creature who loves to turn into a black horse, will be the central element of the eco-park Helix and a good reminder of the role of horses in the history of Scotland.

Golf Monstrum Moscow

Fantasy designers Monstrum boundless, their incredible artwork delight children in many European cities, and now the guys got up to Russia. In Moscow's Gorky Park opened a children's playground in the form of a giant octopus, picks up to an ocean liner.

Geometric sculpture Ben Foster

New Zealand sculptor Ben Foster makes inorganic visualization animals. For all of his works are characterized by strict geometric forms. Each of his sculptures, whether it be a dog howling at the moon, or a horse grazing in a meadow, blurs the boundaries between the abstract and the real.

Giant urchin in London

A huge seven-foot hedgehog was established in London especially for the series by David Attenborough. To create this hedgehog took two months and 2,000 soft wood studs, which are 12 feet long and 8 feet wide.

Book history of the pages

Ships, scary monsters and mermaids simply emerges from the open book of the sculptor from Pennsylvania whose name is Jodi Harvey-Brown.

Sculpture brick

The famous sculptor Brad Spencer has turned conventional masonry in a work of art. The inscription reads: "Life - an open book," and it is indeed the case, since for those who want to see the beauty in the world, will be able to find it even in ordinary masonry.

Iron Man

Barcelona sculptor Jordi Diez Fernandez - a true master at working with metal. His latest work - a tribute to the engineer Ildefonso Cerda - an outstanding scientist of the XIX century.

The installation in the Sahara "Breath of the desert»

At first it may seem that it is an oasis, but in fact it is an art installation of the creative team DAST, which completed its work on the project in 1997. The whole construction is 100 000 square meters in the desert between the Red Sea and of the mountains. 178 convex and concave cones contain 8000 cubic meters of sand.




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