Dog-nurse (18 photos)

More than a hundred years ago, the Americans called pit bull terrier dog nanny.
If it was necessary to keep the child at home, then why not a pitbull.
Are you shocked?
Now we often see on television transmission, which tells about the aggressiveness of the breed.
In fact, the problem in the animal, and in training.

I would like to debunk a few common misconceptions. By the bite of the jaw is not pita wedges, as many are accustomed to thinking. Bite force of this breed is also not the most powerful - this achievement belongs to the Rottweiler. Pit bulls are not aggressive by nature to the people - the puppies begin to prefer human company parent to two weeks earlier than other breeds. These dogs just feel pain, so that the stories about missing pain threshold - too fancy. In general, the pit bull terrier - the most patient, calm and gentle breed.

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