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Brazilian photographer Julio Bittencourt (Julio Bittencourt) created a series of pictures taken in the slums (favelas) of his native Sao Paulo. We will demonstrate some of the work which show residents of the house on Prestes Maya, 911.

This house has been chosen by chance, as people here for five years defended their right to housing. Let a very shaky and unreliable, but really, what is there. According to the latest information for the upcoming World Cup, the house will be demolished. And leave this building with more than 360 th windows, residents had a few years ago, on demand. In a series of Julio Bittencourt (Julio Bittencourt) you will only see the windows, details of everyday life and, most importantly, people living here. Each of them has its own history, in spite of the general and identical final.

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Photo by Julio Bittencourt


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