Top 30 most promising people from the world of music to 30 years

Today we share with you the next rating of the magazine «Forbes», which summed up the year and distributed on specific criteria thirty most successful people in the world of music, which was not yet 30 years old.

1. The first place is occupied by the singer Adele (Adele), has sold 23 million copies of her album "21". Adele is now in '24.

2. The 23-year-old Swedish electronics Avicii took second place. The nominee of "Grammy" shocked the world with their live performances.

3. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber), at eighteen, reached such heights that some can only dream of.

4. Produced by Benny Blanco (Benny Blanco) was in fourth place, thanks to producing albums «Maroon 5" and Rihanna.

5. About the people's love for the project «Delta Rae», says at least the fact that it was not difficult to collect through kickstarter needed for recording $ 28 000.

6. Drake hunted not only music. He was able to earn about $ 20 million, thanks to concerts, album sales and contracts with Kodak and Sprite.

7. Daniel Ek - musical genius startup service Spotify. The project started on the investors' money 4 years ago, and now the cost of the service is estimated at $ 3 billion.

8. This year, Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) slightly passed the position, but still "mow the loot» :)

9. Skylar Grey (Skylar Grey) was the author of the song «Love The Way You Lie», which earned nominations for five "Grammy". The following year she made her debut as an independent singer.

10. Scottish DJ Calvin Harris (Calvin Harris) very successfully worked with Rihanna and several stars of pop music, which enabled him to take an honorable tenth place.

11. Another genius startup. Matt Jones, co-founder of the project «CrowdSurge».

12. Expected highly placed Wiz Khalifa.

13. Singer Kesha (Ke $ ha) for 25 years and its importance in the music world is growing by leaps and bounds. Sure, next year the singer will be higher in the ranking.

14. The fourteenth place among the lucky Adam Kluger (Adam Kluger) founded the world's largest agency, the emphasis is placed on the cooperation of musicians and brands in the segment of product placement.

15. New protege Dr.Dre, young Kendrick Lamar (Kendrick Lamar), megauspeshny released album, which sold the first week amounted to 242,000 copies.

16. The founders of the community «Rap Genius». Tom Lehman and Ilan Zehori.
17. Bruno Mars (Bruno Mars).
18. Mac Miller (Mac Miller).
19. Marcus Mumford (Marcus Mumford).
20. Frank Ocean (Frank Ocean).
21. «One Direction».
22. Katy Perry (Katy Perry).
23. Rihanna (Rihanna).
24. The founders of the service «Songza» - selection of music on mood.
25. James Sider - the founder of the project «BandPage».
26. Skrillex (Skrillex).
27. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift).
28. The founders of the project «Grooveshark» - free downloading and listening to music.
29. Alex White. The founder of the project «Next Big Sound» - monitoring the rating of songs via the network.
30. Sarah Wynter. Concert promoter.

That list came out, with which many may disagree.


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