I want something

Outside, gray, outdoors slippery. Well, in December. It is in our latitudes, as a rule, this happens. Well, sometimes, for a change, sometimes with snow and frost. Incidentally, when the snow happens, except that the joy of kids - for others it is a dubious pleasure. Cramping walk on ice, snow drifts on the edge of the sidewalk and tons of salt on the roads, leaving a wonderful patterns on the shoes. And then there's the end of the world with an enviable persistence anansiruyut))
In general, the winter we - not the most fun time of the year, despite the abundance of festivities. And you want something so ... well, this. Naturally, you can fly or take a trip - where warmer and more colorful. But inks and positive and want to here.
Here are Brazilians, for example. There may in fact create a celebration of the blue! It is clear - a different climate, nature. Attitude to life. Here. Attitude to life. It should learn from the Carnival in Rio - this action widely known. But there are plenty of other activities vsebrazilskogo and local scale, adds color for life. How, for example, ended competition for the best ass. I think we also have to show the initiative and would gladly support. And beautiful, and fun, and competent financial statement appealing.
Again, the middle of winter, but the New Year - the beauty, not a competition. Well, cause to fight, so to speak. In football, it is unlikely we ever they do. But in this very - so easy!


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