Lost dembelsky album

In the hands of the author's post was dembelsky album dated March 28, 1978 In this album there are no "glamorous" modern attributes albums. We offer you a selection of photos of the soldier's strong friendship that time. P.S. And you saved albums from service?

Well, our sworn friends ...

Sailor busy "sobiratelsvom" switched to "pasture" feeds! ;)))

The older matrosika instead of caps that we already had, headpiece called "chumichka" I are not even seen! ;)))

Strange he number of combat ... We have something similar "sekretchiki" wore ...

A day of Neptune, ROC wants to Deny ...

Our "sworn friendsĀ» !!!

That's a great picture, hill reflected in the ice of the Gulf !!!

Thought here, as then it was good !!! Simple film cameras at 36 frames. Withdrew, shown, printed!

Source: nord-front-gs.livejournal.com


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