Albums 2012

This year promises to be rich in the new albums, particularly in the new albums of artists returning from oblivion. But, of course, without the plates stars of today will not do.

So, without further ado: What are the most anticipated albums in 2012?

A long time ago the name of Nelly Furtado does not appear in the media. For several years she has lain down on the bottom, but this summer all admirers of her talent and fans of good music will be a surprise - Nelly finally release a new album. The exact date has not been disclosed, but it is expected a good comeback judging from the first single, which Nelly recorded with K`naan. Returns Nelly waiting for several years (in 2006, came the most successful album of her «Loose» («free») and two years (until 2008), she had promoted). 33-year-old singer can still return to its former glory, you need only a little string up and re-start to work with Timbaland.

Track with K`naan «Is Anybody Out There?»

Several past hits:

«Say It Right»


Returns to the stage and Christina Aguilera, whose album is also released this year (probably in May). In the meantime, the Christie fans looking forward to release the first single, which should appear at the end of this month. It is said that the pace of new song Aguilera comparable to Dirty. Fans are looking forward, and Aguilera signed a contract for a third season of the show The Voice, whereby be rich for another 10 million dollars. She should have acted ...


'American Idol' Adam Lambert repeatedly delayed the release of his second studio album, but on March 20, the album «Trespassing» still appear on the shelves of music stores. The first song from the new album and has already announced the clip. Song title - «Better Than I Know Myself». In addition to the new album, Adam has pleased his fans the news that he would be the new lead singer of Queen, though for a short time in spring and summer tour of the legendary band. "We want to fulfill the legendary songs of Queen, and paying tribute to the group, and Freddy. We want to fill the music with energy and life, so that Freddie would be proud of it, "Adam said in an interview.

«Better Than I Know Myself»



The new album is ready and "Queen of Pop" Madonna, the first single from which it has presented to the public. The composition called «Give Me All Your Love», the clip has already been removed and re-used it Mudge beauty image of Marilyn Monroe. So many times in recent years the stars of "troubled" Monroe that already want to say, "Stop. Enough, "but maybe it's just the beginning. More specifically, the Madonna album called «MDNA» will be 26 March 2012, although it may drain network much earlier. As for the new world tour 53-year-old Louise Cicogna, it will be longer and cover a lot of countries, including Russia, so the Russians will be able to check out the new Madonna album, listening to his live performance (if the singer would deign to do without plywood).

«Give Me All Your Love»

Record a new album and forgotten stars - the group No Doubt. Gwen Stefani of course we have not forgotten, but other members have already sort of like not remember. Well in 2012 we will be able to evaluate their new creations. Now Stephanie increasingly wrote Twitter messages about the work, saying that much has been done, but there is still a long way to make a quality album. In any case, we are promised that in 2012 we will hear new songs of No Doubt. I hope that the name of the band will not disappoint us and we have no doubt, namely, "without a doubt" Russian translation of the name of the group will enjoy the new songs from the album in 2012.

Several past hits:

«Do not Speak»

«Hey Baby»

Soon his album releases and hip-hop singer Nicki Minaj. Album «Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded» will be the second album of the singer and she really wants to success accompanied her all year. Nicky has confirmed that the upcoming Grammy Awards, which will be held tomorrow (February 12), it will perform the track «Roman Holiday», as well as a new song from the upcoming album. Let's see whether the acquitted himself waiting to confer on Onika Tanya Minaj - singer hit «Super Bass».

«Super Bass»

Eighth studio album by rapper TI will also appear in 2012. The new CD will be called «Trouble Man» and if you believe the magazine Billboard, the album is recorded to have about 45 songs. Naturally, they all will not be included in the album, but a few singles TI has announced.

«I'm Flexin Ft. BIG K.R.I.T »

If I correctly understood, it will release a new album and Kesha. The singer, whose hits «Tik Tok» became in 2009 one of the most downloaded on the Internet, found inspiration to create a new "child" in the rock 'n' roll '70s, so waiting for something good and unbanal. The album will appear not earlier than May 2012, and the first single will be submitted sometime in March-April this year.

«Tik Tok»


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