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"I love when the music is in the spotlight when breaking the boundaries of genres, where reigns the excitement when people argue," - so began an autobiography Nelly Furtado, that she was still a teenager, sent together with their own demo tapes and amateur photos of the most various labels in the hope that someone will eventually pay attention to it. How could she suggest a declaration of love to the musical passions, as they flare up around herself and which will start fighting for the right to have her in the number of customers of the label. In the end, the winner of this fight turned out to be hot DreamWorks, whose main priority has always been the artistic performer. Nelly Furtado And, no doubt, knew how to impress: vocals, like a soul diva, aplomb, like the pop princess, and at the same time - a deep passion for ethnic music.

Nelly Furtado (Nelly Furtado) was born December 2, 1978 in the Canadian city of Victoria, British Columbia. Her parents came to Canada from Portugal. More precisely, even to the Azores islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Her father was a bricklayer and his mother worked as a maid in a motel, and every summer during the holidays Nelly moonlighted helping her.

My parents have always supported her daughter in the musical enthusiasm that appeared very early. The four-year girl first sang in public - a duet with her mother, who for many years has been singing in the church choir. At 9 years old Nelly started playing the ukulele, and at 12 wrote the first song. All as expected from the future stars. While her friends were asked to give them for Christmas dolls and outfits, Nellie wanted to get from Santa Claus synthesizer and tape recorder. In school, she was seen in a jazz band, a concert and a march-team group - and everywhere to play the trombone. Moreover, he continued to take singing lessons and to dance. The first serious passion for the future star began to rhythm and blues and hip-hop. The walls of her room were hung with portraits of rappers from music magazines. Fantastic new experience gave the girl a trip to Portugal, the home of her parents. In one of the local clubs, 16-year-old Nelly first participated in the local contest varieties MC - just stood on the stage, took the microphone and began to sing some rhyming text, writing words on the move. "In Portugal, there is an interesting old musical tradition - cancoes desafios. In fact, it is a spontaneous singing - says the singer. - In the same fristaylinge it is the essence of hip-hop. "

Slow to anger, parents, and passionate music fans themselves, protested only once - when the 17-year-old Nellie decided to go to Toronto. But pereupryamit stubborn girl was impossible. In Toronto, she found a job at a company that has set the burglar alarm, and simultaneously created her first trip-hop band - still only a duo - called Nelstar. The duo played music, not only for themselves, but also to record in the studio (Furtado songs composed herself), and even he took a video.

In the mid-90s she got sick English rock (Radiohead, Verve, Oasis) and tried to write his own songs to the guitar, which, incidentally, is only now beginning to develop. But in fact, she was being extremely musical omnivorous and could literally get carried away everything from TLC to the Smashing Pumpkins, from Cornershop to the Brazilian national music, and even the orchestra, performing marches, which played its Portuguese family, leads her into raptures. To convey their impressions and confused to talk to all my influences, it was necessary to look for something new, to create their own hybrid sound. The eclectic sound was nelly furtado download maneater would adequately reflect its linguistic freedom (Nelly sings in three languages ​​- English, Portuguese and Hindi), it multiinstrumentalizma (playing guitar, ukulele and trombone) and multicultural influences of the environment (among friends of her childhood were Hindus, Chinese, Africans, Latin Americans, and so on).

A new page of her life opened in 1997, when 18-year-old Nelly Furtado has applied for participation in the competition of vocalists, held in Toronto. The competition jury does not encouraged young actress, but upset it made no sense because it was here that she met a Canadian project manager hyped Philosopher Kings. Two members of this team, Brian West (Brian West) and Gerald Eaton (Gerald Eaton), considering the prospects Furtado engaged in producing it and helped her to make the first professional studio recording. Although the demo versions of the songs herself Nelly quite satisfied, she already had other plans. Most of all she wanted to travel to Europe with a backpack, rather than sit in Toronto and pore over textbooks, learning the art of composition. Nelly and she could not really decide what she wants in fact. And only constant persistence and West Eaton, who did not lose connection with her and reminded her true calling, saved job.

Two musicians in the end pulled the singer in the studio and forced to spend two weeks on an intensive studio work, during which it became clear that this trio is able to ideally find a common language. Material studio sessions went on the tables of the most diverse labels, while in 1999 a contract with Furtado has not signed the company DreamWorks. Nelly came to show business with a finished production team (Eaton and West), calling itself Track & Field. In September 2000, Furtado was ready to present its debut album «Whoa Nelly!» («Whoa, Nelly!"). Record united and purge the most diverse experience of the young actress, her fascination with the "black" music, popular and ethnic genres. Played a role and the music that her parents loved and with whom she grew up: Abba, Lionel Ritchie, Madonna, Paula Abdul. Hobbies reflect its early youth - hip-hop and R & B: Kris Kross, De La Soul, Ice-T, New Edition, Bel Biv Devoe, Salt-N-Pepa, Jodeci.

The success of the album, as always, half the work is done well chosen single «Like a Vird." Actively spins the song and accompanying music video Nelly Furtado turned into a very popular person. The song was recorded in at least a dozen Top 30 of the US charts, occupying a place in the Top Ten Billboard Hot 100. Soon, the single began to storm the British charts, and the album climbed into the Top 10. The English Long-play «Whoa Nelly!», Received a gold certificate in Portugal and several European countries, noise and done in Canada, where he finished on the second line of the chart. Furtado has gathered his harvest of awards and the ceremony Juno Awards. Meanwhile, the second single «Turn off the Light», securing the success of the album, I waited more loud commercial impact. It is worth mentioning at least the first line of the club chart and number six in Billboard Hot 100. Among the fans of the young singer appeared Elton John and Missy Elliott and U2 invited her to warm up the audience before their US concerts. After participating in the tour actress «Area: One» Moby, the organizer of the tour, he called it "the most beautiful and talented woman in the world." When Toronto came on an official visit the President of Portugal, Jorge Sampaio, the singer went on stage with the hit «Like a Vird" and was one of the few young artists who have entrusted the honor to welcome foreign heads of state.

The first and second album Nelly Furtado separated three years. During this time the artist managed to hold their own headlining tour in the United States, three times nominated for a Grammy and become the winner of the 2001 in the category "Best Female Pop Vocal" for the track «Like a Bird».

Nelly Furtado was already preparing to become a mother, when I started recording the next album (one month before the official release date of her daughter). Impending motherhood has given her new work «Folklore» special softness and warmth. At the same time, lost innocence and youthful vitality that characterized its first disc, Furtado has produced a dark and reflective work. Among the invited guests on the album were noted Ketan Veloso (Caetano Veloso), Bela Flack (Bela Fleck), Mendana Justin Jones (Justin Meldal-Johnsen) and the Kronos Quartet. When the artist is only concerned about the future album, she wanted to make a modern folk record. As you use it more and more in vlyublinlas banjo, ukulele, dulcimer - all of these tools can be heard on the album. The ultimate goal was set is now different - to focus on the composition, on the melodies, rather than jumping from one genre to another five times per song. Perform this task and engaged all the same tandem Producer Brian West and Gerald Eaton.

While the success of «Folklore» more modest than its predecessor - 38 line in the Billboard 200 as compared to the 24th position «Whoa, Nelly!». I start moving in the rankings and new single «Powerless (Say What You Want)», which started while only 30 positions mainstream charts. But dashing the trouble started.
























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