Trained Frog (10 photos + text)

Tricks amazing frog from Thailand may become the basis for a show that will conquer the world. "Mototsiklistka» Oui has won the sympathy of people in Thailand that predicted the correct numbers in the lottery ... And although dozens of correct predictions should have the same number correctly, the house of Mrs. Tongsai Bumroongtai in Pattaya, which is home to a wonderful frog continued to gather crowds of curious onlookers, including including in order to watch the amazing tricks that taught her pitomitsy Tongsey ...

They first frog and hostess, met at the farm Bumrungtoev where Tongsey lived with her husband and four children ... The couple raise chickens, and one morning the hostess was awakened by a loud cackle ...

On the eve of speckled hen house, she found the frog, which held in the mouth chicken ... Here then, as the Tongsey between her and her pitomitsy establish "an amazing understanding" - "I ordered chicken frog release, and she obeyed me ...»

"Since we are all very fond of her and she became a member of our family ... At first, I even fed her chicken and pork ... but then switched to a normal frog food ...»


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