We will need:

1. boiled eggs
2. jar of cod liver oil (you can use easily and sprats, but with the liver turns more tender)
3. mayonnaise slightly, somewhere 1ch.l.
4. greens to decorate

So, take boiled eggs and cut them so as to obtain two parts: 2/3 (thin part) and 1/3 (thicker part). A smaller part - it will be our cap mushroom. Big - leg. We take out of the half egg yolk in a separate bowl.
Next, make a strong tea and throw our hats there and give them simmer for 10-15 minutes in welding. Tea will give our hats brown. The taste is not affected.
While hats are browning, let us filling. To do this, add the yolks to the cod liver oil and mayonnaise. All mix with a fork.
Then farshiruem our "feet." If from the yolk remains a small hole, you can increase it gently with a knife.
Our mushrooms are ready.


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