"The recipe for the winter squash caviar"


1. All the vegetables thoroughly and remove the stalk my. If ripe zucchini, then remove the core with seeds. I cut the vegetables into large pieces, put in a large pot and put on low heat for 3 hours with the addition of a small amount of water.

2. When the vegetables are tender, grinds them into mush with a blender, season with butter, spices and put on a slow fire for another hour. 20 minutes before end of cooking is dipped in a mixture of a bag of black pepper and bay leaf. After the end of cooking, add a small amount of vinegar. Poured into jars, roll up and wrap up warm blanket at night. Salt and sugar can be added at any time after grinding-cooked vegetables.

3. And now the secret. The most delicious eggs from the winter squash is obtained if the carrots grate, chop the onion and tomatoes and cook all this together with the courgettes and fry in a separate pan and add to the blender before grinding.


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