"Yoghurt Cake"


1. Yogurt from the refrigerator so that it acquired at room temperature.

2. 50 g. gelatin pour milk let stand according to the instructions, and then heated to complete dissolution. Cool slightly.

3. Yogurt beat with a mixer, add sugar and lemon juice. Then gradually add the milk with gelatin, stirring constantly. Again beat with a mixer.

4. Separate ¼ of the yogurt and mix with cocoa. Pour the split mold and put in 10 minutes in the freezer to freeze. On the frozen layer pour the remaining mass and refrigerate until completely freezing.

5. Prepare the strawberry layer. 10 gr. gelatin prepared according to instructions.

6. Prepare the strawberry puree using a blender, add sugar and slightly cooled gelatin.

7. Pour the strawberry jelly on frozen yogurt layer, place in refrigerator to complete solidification.


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