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The author told and showed how he built a gazebo in the country at Tiffany's.
Golden Man!
Like something like this:

INTRODUCTION: It all began with the fact that I wanted a place in the country where you can sit, eat barbecue and drink beer, as well as the terrain does not allow normal stay (with a slope of land), it was decided to build a gazebo. I must say that in their pictures and drawings I ordered sawing lumber. Some parts were made modules (sidewall) ordering collected where it, as well as the table and benches. Built nearly a month since could select only one day a week to build. And as a rule, it was not enough nails, the shingles. Some photos start building disappeared, but rather the choice of the place and the pit - the hardest part of the job. I will say that the land taken out a little more than 3 cubic meters, the same imported CBC. Many times not fotkal since there was no time for it, did not want to delay the construction site. Many thanks to those who vyklydval here their pavilions, some moments spied them !!! Photos taken on a piece of soft tile.

Well it started. This is the next step. CBC was covered pillow, and filled with water from the top to quickly packed. Then it was decided to put a dot of red brick foundation, because He is best suited for my purposes! Strip foundation would not, because long and not the structure that would fill it. All displayed in an exemplary level.

The bars have settled down, now is the time they go to sleep and again to pour water for surveillance)

Finally at the firm where he ordered list)) everything was ready, a month passed. Here are modular parts, benches and a table. I forgot to say the size of the gazebo 3.2h2.0h2.40 to the roof.

table and benches

Gender is also riveted to the company immediately. perimeter was in place already sdela tying dozens of timber, to weight the base. Between the floor and put ruberoid bricks that would not naberalo wood moisture away from the brick below the bottom missed otrabotanom oil that would not rot.

Here the input module and the skeleton gazebo went erected. Thank you very much my friend and tests that helped me that day. Without them I could not have done then.

Sorry, I'm not a photographer, in that a lot where the horizon is filled up, about what would seem that all the curves ...

predydschem photo on a part of me, I do skate for the roof.

Strapila constructed, erected went blister roof.

another angle

inside view

for the sake of what it's all erected. Sorry, that is still far before lunch ...

blister roof ready. View from inside.

outside view

due to the fact that the gazebo turned off the ground and skakt it is not much like it was already decided to build from here scraps such distinctive ladder.

sometimes had to work the old-fashioned tool. Because of what I *** for very much. Strapila circumcised can be laid soft tile.

an alternative form of

the end is probably somewhere nearby. Finished tiles.


Oh my God what a gazebo, I want you beer ... Top view

still kind



the examiner did not care that I was doing. He was simply fed up ... Naverneo bribe had given him after the acceptance of the structure?

girls flowers))

Source: Author: forester86


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