Collection of unusual things the average person

A netizen reddit under the name «danthoms» has an extraordinary collection of things that are real artifacts.

Fossilized remains of a dinosaur

Children mask since World War II. The baby is placed inside, and the air is pumped into the parent by hand.

Santa Claus - Elf early 1900s

Two skulls

One of the smallest Bible in the world

Scarecrow albino crow

Knight's armor for the child

"Dead Fish" - an annual award to the best clown

Pieces of known things

Piece mostae London, Berlin Wall, Hitler's home and the ship USS Constellation (the first ship of the US Navy)

Some hnya ...

The device, which treated all. In fact - a tool charlatan.


Dental mold

set for castration cock

Scarecrow albino raccoon

Wreath and a note for the dead child

Aerial bombs during the Second World War.

Human skeleton

Another masterpiece taxidermist

Statuette "The Bounty Hunter" (handmade)

Squirrel flying squirrel

Picture of cigar paper

A piece of tissue 4th century.

The foot of an elephant and a giraffe

Set Crusader

Medieval syrups, who treated everything. ;)

Hand learning proper introduction needles

Handbag of the battleship and toads

Matryoshka Clown

Spongebob - figure serial killer Richard Ramirez

Figurine "Siamese Twins»

Painting with a hidden meaning (yet no one understood)

Horror taxidermist

1930 Device for measuring the children's heads

Bottle Poisson. Create drawings on bottles

Scottish infantryman in full growth

Vintage set against snakebite.

Fox :)

1733 French books with a secret compartment

Military tombstones

Tombstone for home lizard

A business card with the signature of the founder of the Ku Klux Klan

Dried and pickled sharks alligators

Source: Muz4in.Net


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