8 facts about the mysterious ancient technology that we still do not understand

We can as much as necessary to be skeptical and to seek an explanation difficult to explain, but the facts, as usual, speak for sebya.1. The ancient Peruvians could soften stones?

Archaeologists and uchënye scratching their heads over guesses about how it was built mysterious construction of Sacsayhuaman in Peru. The giant stones that built this extraordinary ancient fortress, is so heavy that it would have been difficult to transport and install, even with the help of modern technology.

Lying there a clue to this mystery in a special equipment that ancient Peruvians used to soften the stone blocks, or the whole thing in secret ancient technology of fusion stones? According to some researchers, granite, from which built the fortress in Cusco, has been exposed to very high temperatures, so its outer surface became glassy and smooth.

Scientists have concluded that the stones are softened by means of a high-tech equipment, and then each block is polished in accordance with cutouts adjacent stone, so they are flush with each other.

2. An amazing acoustics Hal Saflieni

HAL SAFLIENI a subterranean cave system about 500 square meters, located on three tiers. The corridors and passageways lead to a small room, which date back to 3000-2500 BC.

This stone room you can hear the incredible sound effects that have an impact on the human body. The sounds uttered in this room resonate throughout the room, and then as it pierces through the body.

HAL SAFLIENI Hypogeum has a dark history. The researchers found in its territory remains of more than 7,000 people, and lots of deep holes, cracks and even the burial chambers. What are the experiments conducted in this strange and mysterious place?

3. Lycurgus Cup artifact testifying to knowledge of ancient nanotehnologiy

This amazing artifact proves that our ancestors were ahead of their time. Equipment manufacturing Cup is so perfect that his master had at the time were familiar with what we now call nanotechnology.

This is an unusual and unique bowl made of dichroic glass, able to change its color depending on the light - for example, zelënogo to bright red. This unusual effect arises from the fact that dichroic glass contains a small amount of colloidal gold and silver.

4. Ancient Baghdad batareyki

Scientists suggest that this small and nondescript on the exterior artifact is an example of a source of power in the ancient world. This is the so-called "Baghdad battery" Parthian period.

Electric Battery, made about 2000 years ago, was discovered in 1936 by railway workers in the area Kudzhut-Rabu near Baghdad. It is believed that the world's first known electric battery - voltaic pile - was invented by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta only in 1799, while most sources indicate that the time of occurrence of the Baghdad Battery dates from about 200 BC.

5. Incredible ancient wonders of metalla


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