Scientific humor with commentary

We offer you 10 of the most genuinely funny jokes about science, most of them at the same time require explanation.

Higgs boson - the only missing piece of the Standard Model of elementary particles. It is assumed that the Higgs boson has played a major role in the mechanism by which some particles (quarks, leptons) during the Big Bang gained weight while others remain massless (photons).

* The term "FRACTAL" was introduced in 1975. Benoit B. Mandelbrot scientists. Fractal - a geometric shape with the property of self-similarity, that is composed of several parts, each of which is similar throughout the whole figure.

HELIUM - one of the most inert gas does not react with anything. Of all the substances helium has the lowest boiling point of -269 ┬░ C. Liquid helium - the coldest liquid. "Freezes" helium at - 272 ┬░ C. This temperature is only one degree above absolute zero.

* Alison Bechdel - the author of the comic book, which first appeared in feminist newspaper Womannews. From the comic strip appeared the so-called test Bekdel checking films, books and other literary works on gender equality. In accordance with this test does not discredit the work of women's rights, if the following three conditions: (1) it has at least two women, (2) talk to each other, (3) about a man.

THEME classes and class struggle - the central Karl Marx. As Marx himself wrote: "... the existence of classes is only bound up with particular historical phases in the development of production, the class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat, this dictatorship itself only constitutes the transition to the abolition of all classes and to a classless society┬╗.

The term "invisible hand" was first used by Adam Smith in "The Wealth of Nations to describe the mechanism of the influence of individual interests to maximize social wealth." The idea is that the individual, striving for their own benefit, independently of their will and consciousness, directed to achieve economic benefits and benefits for society.



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