Photographer - it sounds good

Today, July 12, the professional holiday of workers of the lens and the genius of the moment. The case is very thin creatively and physically heavy enough. Besides requiring a great deal of patience. In general, to be met by a man who chooses to take this seriously, high demands. Sometimes seem incompatible in the same person. Because, for example, creativity and the ability to watch (yes there - night) lie in ambush waiting for the desired frame, at first glance, quality incompatible. And yet, people involved in photography, becoming every year more and more.
Congratulations to all - beginners and "bison" pros with years of experience and fans.
More interesting unique frames. Good luck and health.
On photographers often attacked. And not just movie stars and show business:

We have to literally plow (this handsome weighs more than sixteen pounds!)

Therefore, it happens, and tails grow

Disguise - Special Forces resting

We have to get wet in the water ...

Burn in the fire ...

Listen to a lot of stupid questions ...

Rake from the enraged beast ...

Carry all your ...

But perhaps it's worth it


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