Research Center of Cape Town: Polytechnic Museum, where you have to press all the buttons

I am currently in South Africa to learn the local board games. It so happens that a lot of them in the local Scientific Center Naturally, I could not resist, and walked around the center, asking questions. It's just a wild delight: you can still feel, touch, run and test.

What is the coolest, almost everything here is suitable for children. B> For them, it is generally an adventure - climb into a spacecraft launch pnevmoraketu, poupravlyat ball using neyroaktuatora, beat sneakers through the pipes and so on. Simply ingenious way to rekindle interest in science with 4-5 years.

Carefully, traffic a lot of photos at the bottom.

It begins with a model of black hole We must throw the ball (planet) and see how long it will spin and kayfno until somewhere for a minute his spiral trajectory will converge. Child bottom catches your planetoid:

Rail , where you can run trains:

Parabolic Dish A few meters away - the second. We must stand in the focus and listen to what your friend whispers from the other side:

Neyroaktuator Dry bandage wraps around your head, press the button - and beneath the table starts to move a powerful magnet. The task - to drag the ball towards the opponent. On top of the chart shows the alpha brain waves. We need to focus as much as possible:

Naturally, my little opponent broke down and grabbed the ball with his hands to keep out of the net. Next to see the difference in our alpha waves. I tried to play along, but failed.

And this - musical labyrinth Crosses on top of the balls look like they proprygivayutsya all areas. From time to time they then rings the bell, the bob in a resonating plate, then rolled on glockenspiel. The idea is old, we even had a guest master, who do such things as balls with a diameter of about 30 centimeters under the order. Well, there are the usual balls-mazes on sale too:

You've got to just stick a straight rod to bend in the hole. B> In reality gap pattern is very objective, because the head-then you realize that it will take place, but when you do it right handed - something changes. Here is the "something" and the theory differs from the school of practical understanding, when the thing in your hands. And at once - the theory below.

Oh, and while you're looking at this picture, vote plate. Such signs with "What to do", "Watch what happens", "Why" and "Why" is at each exhibit. Note - empirical experience goes into real practical application.


But electrical corridor First, we are met by a wire in the cut. On a screen section, which shows the animation of how the electrons inside the wire run:

Everything you wanted to know about radiation Stand in a crowd of people, often flying higher and more climb Table Mountain, where a lot of granite. Note the signature about cell phones. The museum also sponsors whether, or sponsored by Samsung - and here they found quite steep placement. There's still near the largest working cell phone in the world - is also a brick from this company in the growth of the person.

Well, that did not go away - moving reactor model

And here all cool. Infrared sensor sees a man, and the fan in the Middle compartment. We need to raise vetrolovushku (panel on the hanger) to this suspension lamp earned. The second compartment - just over the sensor lamp lights, and the need to raise the solar panel to a compartment earned fans. The idea is simple and wildly insanely steep learning.

Electrolysis You can click and see how it works. At the same time it is necessary to rotate the handle:

Experience with the wave Kacha figovinu gel, look for the waveform. Balls - a tribute to the tablet game, where they are often found on such sites.

Come on. That variation is somehow localized us games Ubongo , where you lay out the pieces in places. This is - quite a children's version. Generally, traditional African game Ubongo in Africa, as it turned, nobody knows. But as it only shows what to do (I must add as in Tetris shapes of the other figures) each says he knows her from childhood, and each calls the other name.

In the museum of these variations Ubongo pieces five, probably, from simple to complex.

And this - Facilities for students These are sometimes driven a school class and they hold different experiments.

Here today will be occupied by the sounds. Teacher Center has prepared Adventures:

But the guys themselves, who will teach the children.

Come on. A little bit of space. First - well dented landing the Machine t.

Then the "Union". B> A copy of the course. But in place of our Roscosmos I'd handed over a copy of every science museum in the world to know who was the first in space. And then on the local name of Gagarin did not react, but on Armstrong immediately made rack.

Useful things in life that were originally made for the space. In particular, the famous pen, about which so many tales goes:

A bunch of different pipes for the sounds Specifically on these you have to beat the applied sneakers to rejoice:

Hall of indie music and creativity:

And aaa-aaa-aa! Here, the child can imagine himself to rivet icons:

The experiments with color and light (for the most part they have with us in Science Sets - like chemical experiments, they are easy to buy, the good of anything dangerous or megaslozhnogo):

The game "Ludo»:

Heat Applying the fingers on one hand - look at the indicator.

The game "Snakes and Ladders» - quite simply hodilka for those who are just learning to count:

childhood dream - experiments with particles and static electricity.

Model CD at high magnification:

Another already unfamiliar variation of the group "Ubongo»:

Stand with your head on a platter - table with mirror. Come back, sticks his head - and that photo ready.

Again the game (this time from our range). What incredibly pleased, here on the other side of the world, they use exactly the same chips as we do. These decorative stones, by the way, yet somehow very popular among aquarists.

Fish. Two aquarium Just megamudroe decision. Relationship with nature is especially important.

This is not the Tardis, and closet with tehliteraturoy:

Butylkofon - Russian national instrument. Well, at least I tried to assure this.

Megatyazhely rink , which rises here on this guide. A cylinder rear rolls. Such shabby - just remember for physics. Generally, almost everywhere here Interactive borders Gamification.

Corner Lego Along the way, they sponsor center. Details are from small to large (rear). Nearby there are tables with Lego-pimples - very convenient to begin the assembly directly on them.

Corner sadist. B> In fact, of course, you just need to know about pressure. Lie down on a bed does not hurt. At last gikpiknik at ENEA someone put a chair, as I remember:

Good old device to determine whether the horses' gallop soaring. " If not for the long-term bet two stubborn gentlemen construct this device, we could not see the modern animation.

The ball that falls:

Hardcore task. B> is also good, it is necessary to touch the fingers. Beginner solve?

Beautiful infrared harp

Cross beam instead of a string - it plays a sample:

The most interesting place for kids Tightens bottle pounded in her compressed air, let go - and the rocket flies through the rope on 10-15 meters. While we localize "Alcatraz", found that this method of transmission of messages on the ropes is called "Let the horse." Pshshshshshsh-vzhuh!

Stand with working in construction equipment Build anywhere in South Africa, so the social stand. Surely develops an interest in the profession:

Well, a bunch of Terminal for different purposes:

Now go to class robotics Here children learn to do the robot and program it gradually.

On the screen - tips, how to collect. And here are the results:

A little closer detail:

At the output of the pair of posters with local infographics:

The store at the center there's such cool stuff. You can physically lay down a second, a third and two-twelfths.

But the output is the coolest collection of donations for science, which I have seen: «See how your money is sucked into a black hole." We must throw a coin and enthusiastically observe the process:

Everything. About Games I learned quite a bit here, but we have to have your Mosigre teaching science project - and that's just for him, I learned quite a lot. Yes, and the very atmosphere of the place where the children can run freely and do anything, very happy. In general, do not miss this place if it appears near the Cape of Good Hope.



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