How to make the right connections

The oldest business wisdom says: connection decide everything! If privacy is somehow possible to equip and alone (theoretically) the business - it is always people's attitudes. here without the ability to tie the right connections at all to do nothing. And such social relations through which ensured the success (or failure) of any business, idle Americans have given a separate name "Networking" (from the English. Net - network, and work - work).

Of course, we all know how important personal touch. Well, to know something we know and what we do? Or nothing, or ... So, do chaotic "gestures", visit some "event" ... To the question "What is Networking?" The answer can be given quite simple - the science of how to start a necessary, useful to the cause of social ties. To the question "Why?" Is also no undecided. It is simply necessary. But the question of "how the plant these same connection?" Many stumped. Well, do not meet on the street with the first comer. How do you know whether a person will be useful to you in the future, not "set up" if he'll learn some secret information? Here are these questions and answers Networking. So, let's order.

Benefit from the "right people" in the business can not be overestimated. And "being wanted" this often can not be determined except experimentally in practice. This expansion of influence, and faster implementation of business processes and effective solution of internal and external problems ... And business ideas can pop and generally people far from your business.

And here's how to search for these "right peopleĀ»?

1. Pay attention to their friends. Usually experts call these people "first circle of acquaintances." Get a mini filing cabinet, gather information, which only can be found on every little bit of useful person. Separately, select the categories - family, colleagues and friends (friends, classmates, fellow students ...), those with whom we communicate on the "away from work" interests (sports, hobbies, etc.). Maybe there are people that are no longer talking. How are they? What has changed in their lives? What all of these people may be useful to you personally? What is their circle of acquaintances?

2. Analysis of the "friends of your friends." This "second circle of acquaintances." Surely, if it is good to think you can isolate among friends you know people who can be you something useful. Even theoretically.
With them, it is necessary to tie a personal acquaintance. After a personal view, the recommendation of people from the first round. So these people will move from the "second round" in the "first", and also benefit from them, you will have access to their "first round". Expanding its own network of personal contacts, you will not only increase efficiency, but also to gain more weight in their close circles. And it's worth it. Especially in business circles.

3. Professional clubs, refresher courses and even corporate events can be a great "field hunting" for the right people. Just go to a "hunting" should be a fiction.

4. Internet. Non-use of this resource would be the biggest mistake for businesses of all sizes. Improper use - too. To find the right connections to be approached very carefully and professionally. Make an analysis of relevant networks, communities, where people hang you need.

5. Among the people who have similar interests to you, not directly related to work, too, can be a lot of helpful people. Ask them not only a hobby, but also on the work (and business). You'll see, you will stumble on such a "golden nugget" of which do not even suspect. All in all, what needs to be - a little more than usual, "normal" person interested in how this man and his circle of acquaintances.

6. And the most important advice. Do not wait, "while the thunder clap." Build a network of people should be the right long before these the right people you need. When the "clap of thunder", these people should already be. Therefore, the need to deal with networking anytime, anywhere and everywhere.

The most common mistakes when looking for the right people. Their little.

1. Only take and give nothing. The principle of "I like you - I told you" when this is broken, and when it is very much "pripret", a person can ignore your request.

2. Self-glorification and frank deception. All the secret once becomes clear. Of course, for modesty does not pay, but it's better to do more than you expect from.

3. inappropriately. Although it can not be considered a mistake, but if you, for example, you want to show yourself scorched business woman, then the image of a glamorous blonde at a business meeting clearly beat out all the participants of the rut and tarnished your reputation. Although this assertion is not one hundred percent, pleasant exceptions or result artfully-calculated strategy may be quite the opposite.

And, of course, we must consider not only the benefits but also the danger of his environment. "Anything you say can be used against you." Remember this phrase from Hollywood action must constantly. And what you do, is constantly under the close supervision of your entourage. So remember, in the hard times of the people you know will inevitably turn against you, and many will try to extract from your problems benefit. It can not be helped! And business and life in general - a cruel game. Remember this should always be! In fact, these truths seem banal.

However, for example, the study of how social trust reduces transaction costs, the American economist Oliver Williamson in 2009 won the Nobel Prize in Economics. Here we go. And even here, helped the right people, including the objects of scientific research. "The richest people in the world look for and build networks, while others are looking for work. You can have a grand idea or product. But they will be successful only if you have a network through which you can report it to the people "(Robert Kiyosaki).


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