Hair mask with cinnamon.

Result: nourishes and activates the growth of hair soft and shiny.

 - 2 tbsp. l. olive oil
 - 1 tbsp. l. ground cinnamon
 - 1 hr. L. lemon juice

At very long hair increases the number of ingredients in half or at its discretion.

Mix all ingredients. The mask is applied on damp (not wet) hair. Apply the mask to the roots and distributed throughout the length of the hair. Insulate the head with cling film and a towel. After 20 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water and wash your hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner.

The mask is washed away long, need a bit of patience to wash the hair of the cinnamon, so thoroughly rinse hair with warm water, then wash with shampoo twice, and the remnants of cinnamon rinsed with air conditioning.


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