Beauty secret to perfect skin.

Girls! I want to share with you a super ideas on how to make your skin flawless. For this we need:
 - The most ordinary mug
 - Two or three slices of lemon
 - Boiled water
 - Cotton pads
Pour into a mug of water (about 3/4), we press the juice of a lemon. Dip a cotton ball in the resulting lotion and rub the skin. Do it in two stages: when the empty half circles, without washing go do something, and after half an hour quietly empty the remains of lotion. It is better to do this procedure at night. Wash off the lotion is not necessary, as well as smear after face cream. Done 2 times a week.
NB! This procedure is suitable only for oily skin problem. The result - an incredibly smooth, radiant face without a trace of acne and pimples themselves.


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