Mask for hair loss.

Two years ago I started losing his hair is terrible, just terrible felt. They fall even when I do not combed. I could just hold your hand through my hair and my hand would have stayed a bunch of hair. In a panic, ran to the pharmacy, bought vitamins and expensive shampoos and all to no avail. As a result, began to study the problem in internente and stumbled upon this mask that saved my hair (those that remain). Hair loss has virtually stopped, and I am very pleased. I hope my experience will help someone avoid my "experience» :)

1) 1 tablespoon onion juice (grate the onion and squeeze the turnip)
2) 1 tablespoon honey
3) 1 egg yolk
4) Article 1 -2. spoon burdock oil. (amount of oil can be increased, if it seems small, but usually this is enough)
A rather liquid mass.

Apply to the hair roots (I put the brush for hair coloring), the residue was partitioned by volosam.Konchiki additionally can be oiled for pitaniya.Odevaem shower cap, wraps a towel and go as 1 chas.Zatem wash off with shampoo.

About the smell of onion can not volnovatsya- all perfectly washed away and onion smells :)

If desired, you can enrich mask:
1) Aloe juice is a generally cool thing! If so, you must add a mask, just pre-need to do it this bioaktivnym.Dlya 1- cut off the stem of aloe, wrap in paper and put in the fridge for 3-5 days.
Aloe juice will be after this most useful and active.
2) Vitamins -A, E - if there is, you can drip into the mask.
3) Essential Oils
-Bey- Generally cool hair! A powerful tool for stimulating regeneration, tissue metabolism growing zone of the hair, restores the hair follicle and prevents hair loss, baldness; strengthens and invigorates, stimulates their regrowth. Body hair thickens
-Tea tree (gives shine crazy!)
if you decide to add the air, do not forget to dissolve in oil or honey, that would not burn the skin.


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