When total deficit in the USSR, some things were abundant

One blogger offers to remember things from the Soviet Union, we have used and which we were surrounded.
Let's delve into the past and remember the really wonderful things.

The appliance to burn pattern 1. For the first time I saw such a device in the classroom work. I loved the smell that appearing during the burning wood.

Meat grinder. This is one of the first hand-held grinders, which we have started to produce. Until now, we have kept the house exactly the same.

Brandy set. Always I thought it was a set for drinking water. Something like a decanter. Interestingly, out of him somebody was drinking brandy?

Theatrical binoculars. I was exactly the same. I did not understand at the time why such a small pair of binoculars and what is theater?

Soviet VideoCorder "Elektonika." It cost a lot of money from us. Someone could buy the car, but for the same amount bought VideoCorder. My aunt has a house and in working condition.

Volchok, or Yule, and still do not know how to properly called. This is the first toy that comes to mind from childhood.

Watch Montana. It was a very fashionable watch with a lot of melodies and lights. Montana - the dream of every boy in the past.

My first tape Electronics. Presented was the father. I remember almost sleeping with this recorder.

Pulvelizatora. In every house and in every barber's.


Coffee. the taste of coffee still remember.

The camera shifts. My first camera I lost a year.

Rubber ball. The Soviet stamp loved by millions of things and monotonous. The same score was in my childhood and even millions of boys and girls.

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