Four-aged women

16 YEARS: Girl with a player

PROS: You have her first.

MIHUSY: You have her first.

VHESHHY View: Green hair, blue fingernails, black lips. Naked navel Baubles with silver ring in his nose and monstrous shoes on a three-story platform. But even all this together are not able to spoil the gorgeous skin, a thin waist and half-open chest. And no cellulite. Ah, youth, youth ...

Aroma: Lots of fresh greens with a splash of lemon. Les Belles de Ricci by Nina Ricci.

PLACES paddock: Always crowded and noisy, ad nauseam. Disneyland in California, in an extreme case - a Ferris wheel in the city park. Popcorn, balloons and sweaty happiness palm of your hand. In short, cheerful company. Sign up.

Preferences: From the constant noise have to accept, and at once. Young animals (including, of course, human babies) without exception are curious and cheerful, so keep moving. And cry. Mostly loud. And not always melodic. Therefore, you want to or not, and have found that vile meow girl, like a guard booth - it turns out, the singer Zemfira and disgusting kind gugnivets face inveterate addict - a "ducky Lagutenko" from the group "Mumiy Troll". What do you want? Young people their idols.

GIFTS: CD-player acidic colors.

KORMLEHIE: And do not expect to entice bright-eyed nymphet romantic candlelight dinner, "as adults." All the same, she secretly podsyplet in excellent Chablis '96 sugar harvest, because they can not drink, "such a terrible sour" and scared to death of oysters. In addition, the girls at the tender age confused cutlery and flirting with the waiters. So it is better to confine a hot dog, a bag of fries with ketchup and sour liter glass of milkshake. Heartburn you, of course, is guaranteed, but the child will be over the moon with joy.

SEX: Oh! And what have you got it? You can touch it?

PROGHOZ: She will grow up and forget their parents. Do you remember?

SUMMARY: No, Humbert, great and terrible, was right. Spicy, chestnut flavor of youth - this is certainly great, but girls at this age still should from time to time to wash my hair. And often take a shower.


She knows everything. She knows. It was everywhere and saw everything. And in general - there is no more a tough professional, more subtle psychologist and a clever man than it is, great. And, of course, she knows everything and knows all in bed. In short, it is round fool.

Plus: Of course, my thesis it will not protect ever, and the world, thank God, will remain the same.

MIHUSY: The blame for this will you.

VHESHHY APPEARANCE: A narrow skirt, dazzling blouse, firm breasts. Points in the stupid frame (and simple, as you can imagine, glasses), but this way of biting the cap handles, this ever slip from round shoulder strap ... Stand Body, in general, it's almost like you want to, but uses them it is still with charming awkwardness and secretly prefers studs and suits worn jeans and a little old sneakers. However, it looks quite appetizing in any form. Especially if silent.

Aromas: a whole basket of peach, raspberry, tangerine and juicy green apples. El would have never left. In Love Again by Ives Saint Laurent.

PLACES paddock: the most complex, and places of worship. Clubs with big names and nefarious reputation. If you want to hit a girl in the heart - reducing it in the "blue" or "pink" club. It is, of course, ochumeet embarrassment, but will go all he was worth breaking the secular lady, picturesquely smoking a cigarette and ductile complain that cocaine in her runny nose. In short, you will enjoy.

Preferences: Haschet cocaine course she lied. But smoking less it certainly can not hurt. Just like the smaller Cortazar read at night and in the morning to quote Kierkegaard. And at the same time explain the baby - of course, the rights of older friend and, of course, a good British English - her English, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired ...

GIFTS: The first volume of the complete collected works A.P.Sumarokova Novikov, M., 1778., In good condition, with drops of tears and I.Dmitrevskogo pencil markings in the margins.

KORMLEHIE: Here oysters and snails will be useful well. Just like truffles, foie gras and consomme with pie. If only the names were pozamyslovatee and prices expensive. Of course, unlikely to be able to evaluate your girl all the delights of the true, but it certainly would be nice to feel like an adult. Well and, of course, obligatory candles, roses, crisp tablecloths and Dry Martini. But especially not pushing too - at this age girls somehow believe that there are many - dumb. While the night is still secretly sneak to the fridge and hunted looking around, constructing a three-story sandwich itself. And it certainly gives us some optimism.

SEX: Look what I have here is ... You can touch. Yes, is not it! Well, I'll teach you ...

PROGHOZ: Everything passes. And the youth, unfortunately, too.

SUMMARY: Thank God, boyish - is something like measles. And they all get sick once in a lifetime. For that there are some complications ... 25 YEARS: THE ISLAND OF LOST SHIPS

She added four kilograms, she has four lines and four jars and grindings from four lines and four kilograms. And, of course, four sorrowful pictures on the dresser - first love, her first husband, the most fatal mistake and last passion. All - in the past tense and the singular. In short, all is lost, the boss, all is lost! Life resolutely failed.

Pros: One of the four fine lines - between the buttocks.

MIHUSY: She is now on a diet. Always.

VHESHHY APPEARANCE: As you know, extra soft roundness and towns do not disfigure women, but on the contrary - is decorated. That's only if it were not for those silly quilted bathrobes and slippers with pompoms ...

Aroma: Rose. Million scarlet roses. TRESOR by Lancome.

PLACES paddock: In this strange age, even the most active and sophisticated ladies somehow domesticated wild and start all places prefer their own apartment. Here on this most monstrously vulgar and cluttered apartment and you will be with her for a walk. From richly whipped and starched bed (cat, maybe prilyazhem?) Soaked up the flavors of borscht food (honey, you're not hungry?). There and back Again. There and back Again. Until vomit.

Preferences: Its time has come. At last, it may no longer show off and sobbing ladies read novels that used shyly hid in the locker. And, of course, to watch on TV all the nauseating series. Streak.

GIFTS: Three kilograms of steam veal from the Central Market.

KORMLEHIE: As you have seen, feed it is no longer necessary. She will feed you. Yes, so that will not find it: and mushroom pie and pancakes, and pork chop on the bone. And she would sit next to gnaw your diet crackers and piteously, like a woman, sighing.

SEX: Oh, do not look, here I crease. And here, too ...

PROGHOZ: Still, you have to marry her ... As a last resort, she will marry you. Itself.

SUMMARY: Take her and run, run, run. Blow their legs, feet, legs.


Last, the most greedy gulp of air before the executioner in a scarlet robe knocks from her lovely legs the rough stool. In short, the morning Strelets'execution. Stand up - the court is!

Pros: She - a solid plus.

MIHUSY: She is 30 years old.

VHESHHY APPEARANCE: She is able to look slim and fresh, carefully watching his hands and uses the services of a good beautician. Thank God, at last learned how to use cosmetics. What can I say - she learned a lot over the years, but - alas! The woman autumn, ladies and gentlemen, a great but hopeless fall.

Aroma: Sweet dust, ashes, majestic wilting classics. Chanel N5 from Chanel.

PLACES paddock: See Paris (Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Rome, etc. - underline) - and die.

Preferences: Hepredskazuema and capricious, as a pregnant woman. Between times certainly try to thoroughly break your heart and ruin lives. In short, and live in a hurry, and feel in a hurry, although it is clear that the train goes no further, please release the cars.

GIFTS: Brilliant "Graf Orlov" in 126 carats mounted in white gold. Ha little she did not agree.

KORMLEHIE: Lord, how many times do I have to explain that I only drink cognac, and only a hundred excerpts!

SEX: Yes, yes, yes, dear! Yet! Yet! More!

PROGHOZ: Sorry, gentlemen, but this is not hunting, and a duel. And before you not frightened game, but a full-fledged rival who does not wince slapped a bullet right in the middle of the forehead. If you certainly do not have time to shoot first.

SUMMARY: And in war, as in you. And you, as in war.

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