On the moral problems of mankind

Recently we saw a marked surge of moralism and the consequences associated with it. Any reputable culture / politics / (most often) the art of face talks to people about the concepts of morality and humanity. We are taught from childhood about how important it is to care for orphaned and needy, and the poor and the disabled. Meanwhile, the position of this issue should be somewhat different, even I would say, is completely different.

To begin with, it is absolutely clear that people have a very different and very different perception of the world. Consider two extreme poles. There are people who obviously enjoy taking care of others, to do missionary actions and impose always all his help, and there are people who often experience a pathological aversion to most of humanity, for which the standard slogan - "survival of the fittest", well or other similar outlook . Also, it is obvious that the missionary type of people won the fight and the two began imposed their ideology around the world. At the same time, the second type of people do not become extinct, but evolved and continued his struggle against the unnatural state for themselves.

Such people are not interested in caring about others. For them it is the essence of life is unnatural. It is clear that the vast majority of people do not profess any religion. However, it is worth noting that the very idea of ​​most religions is that everyone - your way, its purpose, its test. Consequently, their poverty / disability / life difficulties they need to survive themselves. And people who are trying to help them intervene in the divine purpose and prevent the subject to grasp the divine wisdom. This is something that does not account for the majority of believers.

But this is not important, because for understanding this problem does not need to be a believer or an atheist. I began my short article with the existence of two totally opposite types of people, and it is worth to focus. The fact that in today's society people with missionary type of perception of the world is much more than others, does not mean the correctness of their path. From a philosophical perspective, they do not do their spiritual enrichment due to internal voids or any psychological problems (and most caring people - these are, well, plus idiocy), filling the void with their "concern" about the people, although they are often doing it for themselves, rather than those they help. So should we all mankind such a diverse and, thus, great, let down by one line? I urge not to re-evaluate the current systems of values, but to ensure that does not interfere in the affairs of other people who choose their own way, because with true moral or religious (as you like) point of view is the only correct choice. God himself will tell the person on his mistakes and do it better than any man, but if you do not believe in God, then you do should be obvious absence in this world of moral or spiritual ideal, so the idea to impose its values ​​on human failing.

So why do we try to impose on humanity? It is clear that such a system of values ​​to stabilize the situation in the society, but excessive imposition of people who have very different perceptions of the world, your ideology implies, as we have in our history to make a response. Thus, those who so vehemently cares about people, provoke a surge of anti-social and suicidal cases. Many geeks become so because of the fact that they tried to impose on the contrary, they are not typical behavior, and therefore, the perception of the world.

If you like people, do not try to change them, respect their world, even if it annoys you. The world is too complicated to comprehend one person and one single opinion. Keep this in mind when you decide to send a man to "true" in your understanding way. I condemn those who decided that he knows something better than the other in this matter. It is not, believe me.


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