The face is a mirror reflection of our health

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According to Chinese medicine, which is more than 5 thousand years, the face is the mirror reflection of health. As the five areas of the face you can put an approximate diagnosis of the health condition.


Looking around the forehead, look for any color changes. Redness and an abundance of red veins indicate heart problems.

A darker forehead compared to the rest of the face tells about some problems with digestion, but, most likely, is insignificant.

Change the color of the forehead can also be the result of severe emotional upheaval. People who are prone to stress and strong emotions, on her forehead appears a large number of wrinkles, and, as a rule, the crease between the eyebrows.

Sometimes a heart attack can be predicted by weak green-blue hue of the forehead.

You should be wary if the emergence of such a shade is accompanied by other symptoms of heart problems: palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath or pain in the left hand.


Suddenly he jumped a pimple on the tip or on the side of the nose?

Not so harmless as it seems!

This zit indicates a certain disorder in your digestive system. Remember what you ate yesterday? A lot of spicy, fried, smoked or fatty foods?

Or maybe you ate the chocolate?

If the answer to either question is Yes, then perhaps the problem is your choice of food.

By the way, the appearance of such, at first glance, the small pimples can be accompanied by indigestion, diarrhea or constipation.

Red capillaries and red spots on the nose may indicate alcohol abuse or stress, which also affects the digestive tract.


Redness, irritation, peeling, darkening or lightening on the contrary, the region around the mouth and on the chin can indicate problems with the kidneys or bladder.

Periodic acne on the chin talking about hormonal imbalance.

The problem often lies in excessive production of estrogen or testosterone, and may be accompanied by irregular menstruation in women and prostatitis in men.

Pay attention to the area located from the nose to the upper lip. This small area reflects the state of the uterus and ovaries in women and the condition of the prostate and genitals in men.

Horizontal folds, peeling or discoloration on this area may indicate serious problems in the reproductive region, up to endometriosis, uterine fibroids or infertility.

According to Chinese medicine, people with a small chin are genetically predisposed to weak kidneys and problems in the urogenital system. However, this does not mean that every person with a small chin will necessarily diseased kidneys.

This is just a warning about the current trend that people tried to make appropriate changes in your lifestyle and prevent the onset of the disease.


Problems with the lungs or large intestine is reflected in the form of color changes, peeling skin on right cheek.

Small pimples, redness or scaly spot can Herald the imminent onset of a cold or bronchitis, and indicate more serious problems with his lungs.

In people prone to respiratory allergies and asthma, often appears red, flaky or scaly eczema, or an area with a slight green-blue tint that is on his right cheek.

The emergence of such eczema or a similar shade may indicate the near occurrence of an allergic attack or an asthma attack that allows to take preventive measures.


Prominent capillaries and redness, especially close to the nose, talking about the possibility of inflammation or stagnation (accumulation of toxins) in the liver.

A yellowish hue under the left eye indicates either the presence of gallstones or high cholesterol or triglycerides, which are reproduced by the liver and gallbladder.

Various distressed markings on this part of the face can signal about niestabilno emotional state, such as anxiety, anger or depression.

Wreaths bulging, redness or rash on the left cheek may indicate high pressure or hidden anger. Remember that there are many ways by which the body alerts us to disorders and diseases.

And not always it is accompanied by the appearance of pain. On the contrary, the pain indicates that the disease has started or moved to the acute or chronic stage.

No need to wait for this pain... Listen to your inner feelings and look for external symptoms to prevent minor violations before they become serious illnesses.


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