In the US, the growing popularity of guest houses

In the past the guest house could afford only very wealthy families with large plots. If earlier the guest house was only a privilege of mansions costing from $ 10 million., now they are quite often present in the projects of houses $ 3 – $ 5 million.

This study was conducted by architectural designer Allison Books that her husband Craig has spent over 10 years on expanding the house with an area of 246 sq. m. in California. Then the couple came to the decision that instead of expanding the existing house, it would be wiser to build on the plot of another.

The couple built a new house and decided to go with plastic Windows, given the rating of plastic Windows in Moscow. For construction, they spent $ 300,000. Guest house area 73 sq. m. in an A-shaped structure with a ceiling height of 5.5 m. Here, live, not visit, and the owners themselves: it is the spouses, and their children as office and recreational facilities. Allison Books believes that building a new home cost them less than if they began to plan an extension to the main house.

According to the realtor Tami Pardee of the California town of Venice, in the last two years, developers often design houses with guest houses than terraced houses for several families. Similar dynamics is fixed and Manhattan is only two houses here sell in pairs of the apartment.

Head of sales at Walker Tower notes that increasingly there are customers who wish to purchase a large penthouse on the entire floor and additional living space where they could accommodate their friends or a nanny. Some even want to have this space to use it as a home office. Unlike the major houses, guest often erected without a building permit. But objects with illegitimate additions sold worse.



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