Vera due to circumstances

One day an atheist fell off a cliff. Falling down, he still managed to grab the branch of a young tree. So he hung between heaven and the abyss, knowing that will not last long.
Suddenly he was struck with an idea. "Lord!" - He shouted that there are forces.
Silence! No one answered him.
"Lord! - He shouted again. - If you are in heaven, and save me. I swear, I will believe in you! I will try to transmit their faith to others! ».
Silence again! When his grip began to weaken and he felt that the branch is about to slip out of hand, there was a top loud voice echoed through the valley:
"Everybody says so, when they get into trouble».
"No, God, no! - Encouraged by the hope of the poor man cried. - I'm not like everybody else. I was starting to believe in you, can not you see - I can hear your voice. Just save me, and I will honor thy name to my last days ».
"Very well, - said the voice - I will save you. And now let the branch ».
"Release the branch? - Screamed a distraught with fear people. - You think I'm quite mad crazy? "


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