The next Pearl teach =)

Shmurygayte of this plasma that's here this force.

The theme is the theme, I tell her, and then ... you can shoot me.

The problem of baryon asymmetry. It is stated in a children's encyclopedia.

My advice is not spihotehniku ​​ottrenirovyvat and understand the assignment.

Bach, yak reptile ass!

We did not pass. More precisely, it passed, but passed.

... Because every child has a dream of blue!

In any case, I have this problem will not do!

Now we dorisuem this endless table and come to rest.

Now we will write for a long time, but in the end it turns out that the theorem is proved.

If I were in your place, I would have listened to me!

This equation is 0, otherwise it is not an equation, and the slogan.

There's one part of the board indecent ...

I'm not a man, as assistant professor Ubozhenko!

I, like every decent magician, a beautiful assistant is required to erase the board.

I, unlike other teachers, like d'Alembert's formula and now show the effects of this love.

As if we are not pessimistic look at students, they do something they can.

We have this thing in medicine called "bollocks."

It is not in the girls will be told, a lot of three-letter words ...

Earlier there was a green sine wave, and now it has become a little to the left and to the right most.

Guys, I'm lying. No, I'm not lying. More precisely, I almost do not lie. But not quite.

When I came to teach, I also did not know anything.

I invite you to a seminar with little hope to see you there.

The boundary of the submanifold of the manifold is a submanifold of subvarieties, and therefore the submanifold of the manifold.

What are you doing on teorfize rather, not you, and you ...

Do all clear? If not, continue.

If anyone is interested in mechanics and general history ...

Wrap yourself on anything if you do not have mustache ...

Mathematicians ... not that perverts ...

You features that walks the streets of our Hilbert space.

Well, now we're done on the board to ensure that all erased.

Existence theorem: on no matter how late the teacher, there is always a student who will come later.

The first statement will prove the second trample.

Let pi we have today is one.

This is a complex science - even a couple of hours.

Or think of your ears ... oh, his head ... or what you think it ...

From it spews damped sinusoid.

Golf squeezed out of the condenser, as a filling of the pie ... I want to eat, right?

The best way of calculating integrals - differentiation responses.

The board is very difficult to draw straight lines and parallel - even more so. Natural properties of non-Euclidean board.

What I wrote here is wrong? Many things I have written here is wrong ...

At first I will write, and then I'll wave my arms.

I write?

Vladimirov's book should be read carefully, so as not to cause injury.

That we are a cynical easily relate to the intersection of an infinite number of sets and Cantor finished sumasshednim home.

Where psychology begins, classical probability is inapplicable.

This is not because it is, but because we did not know what it is.

Those who survived and lived to be 10 years old, will continue to live ... without taking special measures.

The density of iridium is only slightly inferior to the density of osmium and in some ways even surpasses it.

We prove this theorem under the assumption that you learned in the first year.

The title of Distinguished Professor receives the one who could quietly erase the elbow on the board the desired letter.

I'll tell you how you can do this, but this can not be done in any case!

Vector must hang!

And now I have something to say. Girls, please close your ears.

The only useful thing to be learned from this formula - a sign of equality.

We give equation (*). If it is good for us to serve, give him another star, give him a lieutenant.

The site posted a plan of lectures and tickets. I recommend you see them for self-excitation.

Newton liked to call a spade a spade. So there were rings Newton telescope Newton, Newton-Leibniz formula and many other great names.

And anyway, I want to lecture, I love to sleep.

This zero different order than that.

If you did not know, then do not worry, it is much worse if you have been taught BASIC.

And this integration is by using a pen.

Rule Lantern: Have you decided? But there is another way, which means it's wrong.

The psyche - is when any action ... For example, break an egg stone.

The cell has a quantum nature. Here, for example, in a car - there are all kinds of spring, spring ...

Honestly - it's your job? Here the point is, it's because I put, I know his handwriting ...

Hydrodynamics equations are obtained, that is not received anything clever.

Either I went a little bit, or you want to say something, but did not speak.

It is the holy statement!

This is not a schedule - this violence.

I will let you go early, so as not to force yourself.

This problem is the school, but the school does not solve it.

And now, to take away your discharge ...

Lecturer! Doing their job silently.

Let's put a "*". Now, I like this formula.

We introduce the notion of forcibly.

Hall complex meals with a zero real part.

For simplicity taken symmetrical ball.

Because we need to understand what is happening in the chain, not a mockery of the body!

The aircraft, designed in the language of "epsilon-delta", will not fly!

If you remember, you can forget about it!

For clarity, I keep silence about this.

Look at these two cones. Their three.

The meaning of the theorem in general terms, is this: if I call Tanya Vanya, that from this it is unlikely to be a boy.

I love the students, as some like cats and dogs.

We write and forget.

I'm such indecent words will not speak, I will say is simple and clear: "TO!".

I saw in front of me curled tan.

And now it is a beautiful outline the mourning framed.

All depicted willingness to draw.

And this - the so-called variable thumping.

Everything will be clear when we have something to shoot.

Well, you are not directly a student of 1st course and fun girl.

It is well known to me.

If I do not change your memory ...

What I want, I do - my paper.

We must respect the Russian language!

There are no restrictions on the orientation.

Molecules that guzzle energy and excited.

... Smooth, continuous, simple, of course, cute, all of this function is suitable, but one ... The voice from the audience: "Cook does not know how!»

Let's take our poor electron and carry with him a sadistic experiment.

Give you the God of health, if it exists and is unique.

Yet she grew noodles, you can hang up my ears.

To err is human, but before that you also think.

It's the wrong number, when there are all kinds of perversions.

Now I'm wondering that what is necessary to pull.

Each of us is sleeping genius, and every day stronger.

I specifically pick the simple equation that does not undermine the authority of the lecturer.

I like to solve problems in different ways, so it's nice to see every time new answers.

All science comes from the word "want"!

The more you have less, the more we should.


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