Young talent

In the glorious city of Smolensk creates children's musical school №1, located in the center opposite the Gymnasium. Przewalski. As a result, many gimnazyuki fall under this set of circumstances.
And I was not spared muzykalka. My parents really wanted to put me on the balalaika, balalaika but the class was full and I was sent to the brass musicians (flute, Gabon, saxophone and so. D.).
Already something warmed teachers decided to hold me something like the exam. I was asked to determine just made a note on a piano and more ... Among the teacher was a single man - the saxophonist (obviously yesterday endorsed or New Year or every day.) That gave me the final task:
 - Sing - he says - his favorite song.
It is worth noting that at the time I was fond of the works of the "Dune" and so on. To. I was only 7 years old, understand the meaning of the texts is not the whole. Therefore, he sang the most melodic (I thought) a song.
Perform child squeaky voice for men with a hangover.
 - We are happy to meet, but if someone is not healthy,
So I note that we are not doctors treat disease
A glass of good wine. So good evening!
With more Badong HELLO !!!
Creek saxophonist about how he wants to make this young talent has learned all he could hear music school. Red with shame parents still chose the flute.


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