Toys Soviet era

Many believe that in the Soviet times children have no toys.
Even as there were more interesting than it is now.
Let's see what was fun at the time.

So: cannon.


Because it can be so deftly shoot Ohryzko pencils! And it was still possible caps on the regular place underlay, making rattling and joy was several times greater. And we were firing on just such a soldier:

Of course, various soldiers was much larger and more diverse, but that's just - that I found. Sporting had to shoot if the soldiers were not open, but hidden in trenches dug in the sandbox, and if the house - that over the parapet and in the buildings here are made from this clone of the Soviet "Lego»:

Ash tree stump, a cannon to kill all the hordes were not enough, therefore, to the action could be connected friends, or even friends who can destroy the enemy with the help of this rocket launcher here:

On the battlefield toured various types of equipment:

In addition - to push the enemy armor was good pressure and caterpillars, which had a tank IS-3 wire control:

It is understood that one game in the game of Soviet soldiers were not limited to children. More playing "war games" What are the respective devices. Also completely improvised, I had more and purchased:

This shot here these discs. When they finally lost, I began to shoot it dvuhkopeeshnymi coins - they are exactly the right size, but that I had to destroy the entire stock of the parent "dvushek" collected for pay phone calls to me ... Ass kicked notably. By the way, I still remember the price of the gun - 2 p. 50 kopecks., Yes.

In addition, there was a huge number of different designers. Some there told me that they "were not going to," but it seems to me that it's not a designer, and vinyl little hands - I have everything going!

There were models:

By the way - the last - on the radio. And then I cried, "The moth did not have radio-controlled models!". Yes, the radio control sold separately and cost a lot (25 rubles, if not mistaken). So my brother and I built it themselves, taking the scheme of zhurnalchega "Model Construction" 1983. Details dragged to radiosvalki for NITSEVT or from the landfill is located behind the fence from our house Polytechnic Communications, also known as ATC our area - there was always radio components in bulk. Somehow we laugh particularly given in the instruction manual: & quot; ... Do not forget to put the boat in the human model. Over the course of carrying on a boat without a person inside - it looks pretty stupid .... & quot;

Well, every other that took me, in bulk:

I was so, but do not tap, but with the body. He was on the wire control, and the body is also up from the console. It was cool.

Well, and "Hockey" certainly was.

Board games was the sea. This - "Young motorist" or something like.

In general, something like that. But, as I explained here are some svidomye - "have savetskih children had no toys!". They stole all ate and personally, Comrade Stalin. Or - Beria. Here opinions diverge Svidomo different. And how I lived without all this diversity? I do not understand.



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