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Guess what the tower and what it was for.
It is situated in Florida.

This is a very famous tower in Florida. Imagine summer, heat, sun, water and clouds ... mosquitoes. Yes, in the United States in the late 19th century to the mid-20th century there was a problem with mosquitoes. Imagine a thick, black clouds of tiny, buzzing creatures that hummed without stopping, spreading malaria, fever and just terribly annoying.

In the late 19th century, the situation was so depressing that the density of mosquitoes in some regions was such that it was impossible to breathe without inhaling a few bloodsuckers. Imagine that an American entomologist set a record by catching 365 696 mosquitoes in one trap in one night. You can imagine it?

But in 1910 a businessman wanted to organize sport fishing in the lakes in the village of Lower Sugarloaf Key. He mishandled the experts who wrote the brief that if these places left bare arm, then three hours the mosquitoes suck the blood of you all.

And here we come to a solution.

In their search for solutions, a businessman came across a book called «Bats, Mosquitoes, and Dollars». And I think you understand what I am. Yes, it houses for bats.

Bats love mosquitoes, but these areas do not have caves where they could live. And in his project of the then businessman invested 10,000 dollars (a huge money in those days). And in the end?

Nothing ... Attract bats did not work, and the business went bankrupt. Later, people invented special chemicals, they are regularly watered swamp. And mosquitoes practically disappeared.

Now these houses have become a good place for nesting birds. And do buildings stand as a monument to the American dream unfulfilled.

Source: muz4in.net


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