Now really so familiar?))

Girl, what are you doing tonight? - Straining biceps, he asked.
 - But why are you asking? - She said, turning sideways so that he was able to estimate the size of her breasts.
 - Just wondering what could be engaged tonight such a nice girl - otkomplimentil He was pulling on the handrail, despite the cries of a trolley bus driver.
 - Books, probably to read. - She turned around, so he could see her better.
 - I also love to read. Books generally. Different. - He showed his cell last mark and lost all his polyphonic ringtones.
 - Good mobile. - He praised it - I was so two years ago. Now I have another. But the number remains the same. 921-24-45 - dictated it.
 - I will write, with your permission. - He pulled out his wallet, took out some bills of large denomination, and one of them entered the room.
 - Well yes!!! - She quipped, accidentally exposing leg - the evening with his girlfriend go to take a walk, the bill will exchange it.
 - I do not have any girls - He showed a passport, leafed through a notebook - No one to walk in the evenings. And you your guy does not stop to read books in the evening?
 - I'm alone. I also do not have anyone to walk.
 - Want to take a walk together in the evening?
 - Yes Yes. Stopped by for me in his car.
 - I have no car - he frowned. - I sold it yesterday. A new not yet bought. This is a contract of sale.
 - Do not. - Carefully rereading the contract, she waved - I believe you on the floor. And let's not going anywhere? I sit at my house. I live alone. The two-bedroom. In the center. That house register ....
 - Corner ... - He frowned, looking at the plan of the apartment.
 - I'll give you slippers. - She whispered pleadingly ...
 - I'm sure to go. Until the evening. - He did a handstand, somersaults and the bridge and walked out of the trolley.
 - Such fun - she whispered ...


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