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If it so happens that in the course of political action hit, say, a flower bed, then to not get on the 10 pieces of bucks, you have one out - were routed as many windows, shops and phone booths, that the damage has been recognized as "significant." Then you already fall under article 167 of the Criminal Code - and there is a maximum penalty of 40 000r - what a savings! Or, if you notice that during the campaign began crowding and someone from her hurt you again risk to get 300 000r, so there you can save, immediately hitting the victim in the face (preferably in front of the cameras) - then it is already is the intentional infliction of harm to health, article 115 of the Criminal Code - there are also up to 40 000r

Damn, our neighbors are ahead of us in law. They will poprikolnee. It's a shame, damn it! Come on gentlemen, straining yourself.


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